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  1. hi my name is sonixx and i have a drinking problem
  2. how long is the season? 2 months? how about releasing a month of games which is about 26 or so games. that would be good so everyone can space out their playing time.. i think that would keep people happy since they have a bunch of games to play and not get so cranky. damn geezers ps. i am calling hokkee on his bluff that he will quit the league lol. ridiculous. and im pretty sure AJ can run his own league and he is taking all of your suggestions into considerations, he wants to be fair to everyone , because it seems like some special treatment here but it is ultimately up to him. and he is fully capable. werddd to yoo mothaaa
  3. Hi guys i just wanted to introduce myself for those who don't know who i am. I am the new coach for San Jose after ediesaurus dropped out Please add me on aim, my aim is toronto1cougar . hit me up for games anytime when im online. thanks!
  4. lock and loaded.. what do i have to do to get started. do i have to sign something =p ?
  5. Thanks guys for the prompt replies.
  6. wooooo that meanss 1st replacement is mee. san josee here i come =p
  7. Really???? I didn't get a chance to really play you or get to know you but this news was so monumental that SEBE (i think) text messaged me on my cell phone to tell me you retired.. at first I was like okayy wtf, which AJ.. then i was likee OHHH AngryJay lol. oh man wat a funky text msg in the late of night . i think its an april fools joke tho, ure too good to retire especially when youre playing the best nhl94 so far
  8. sonicx5

    Joe Sakic

    $10million / 3 years
  9. sonicx5

    jeremy roenick

    18 million 3 years
  10. im not in the league YET but division 2 and 3 looks like murder... sorry guys lol you got screwed. but playing good players will improve your game too! win win for you but in this case lose lose for some =p
  11. GAME 98: USA 3 (shifty/EA fleurys hipcheck) @ CANADA 4 (sonixx/hokkee) OT GAME 99: USA 2 (shifty/EA fleurys hipcheck) @ CANADA 4 (sonixx/hokkee) 2-0 two up for canada. ballinnnnnnnnnn
  12. 60? CAN 4(sebe/sonixx) @ USA 2 (SOH/Jrod) 61? CAN 4(sebe/sonixx) @ USA 3 (SOH/Jrod) 62? CAN 6 (sebe/sonixx) @ USA 5 (jESUS/Jrod) 62? CAN 0 (sebe/sonixx) @ USA 7 (S0H/Jrod) 3-1 tonight. goodjob sebe
  13. GAME 5??: CANADA 4 (sonixx/sungod) @ USA 2 (jesus/EA) and another not a repeat entry. a new game GAME 50 something: CANADA 4 (sonixx/sungod) @ USA 3 (jesus/EA)
  14. nothing can save you americans...
  15. you guys relaly need a saviour because u are getting spanked by canadas top 2on2 players . =) EA will you hear their cry ?
  16. GAME 32: CANADA 5 (sonixx/sebe82) @ USA 4 (jesus/witt) GAME 33: CANADA 6 (sonixx/sebe82) @ USA 5 (jesus/witt)
  17. GM 20 USA 4 (jrodimus/wittgenstein) @ CAN 5 (sebe/sonicx) GM 21 USA 3 (jjrodimus/wittgenstein) @ CAN 1 (sebe/sonicx) GM 22 USA 5 (jrodimus/wittgenstein) @ CAN 6 (sebe/sonicx) GM 23 USA 2 (jrodimus/wittgenstein) @ CAN 11 (sebe/sonicx) GM 24 USA 4 (jjrodimus/wittgenstein) @ CAN 5 (sebe/sonicx) 17-7
  18. GM 17 USA 7 (jesus/SOH) @ CAN 2 (sebe/sonicx) 11-5
  19. i will draft his team for him.. sonixx toronto1cougar