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  1. Funny you mention that - I've started working on that.. Shame there's no way to re-import from the data dump - Doing it all in the console is really cumbersome (for me anyhow...not my forté) Also, how do you edit individual teams vs just "Everybody" +25 -10, etc Did I miss that when reading? I'm over my head a bit I think..
  2. Brilliant work - I do have to ask though... Does anyone else find NHL 95 PC just flat out too easy? It's always been a total deal killer and almost breaks my heart as everything else about it is the best retro hockey ever... But I just can't play it! The other team never even scores or puts up a remotely interesting game...no matter who I play! Am I alone on this? The game almost feels broken it's so bloody easy!!
  3. Totally agreed about 92. I love that game. It feels more fast, furious, unpredictable, etc.
  4. Awesome... Except. The goal horn and the end of period horn are reversed! When you score you get the end of period goal and vice versa. Hmm.
  5. Really!? ANY hacked version with some different rosters/graphics, anything, you name it... ...would be SO much appreciated. Any chance you could share? :-) If files are too big...maybe using Senduit.com or something similar?
  6. The naming scheme of the Audio files is the key. Put the ISO file and the audio files all in the same folder. Name like this: NHL94.iso NHL94 01.wav NHL94 02.wav etc, etc and it should work.
  7. Just a bump... Really? Nobody here has any idea if you can even just update rosters on the Sega CD version? I've dug around on the forum and can't seem to find even a clue. Such a shame, as I love the SCD version the best for smooth gameplay...but updating the rosters/ability levels would be sweet! Can anyone enlighten me? Pretty please?
  8. Am I the only one that finds NHL 95 PC ridiculously easy? No matter what system, I always play as Calgary and I just score nonstop on the PC NHL 95. Such a drag to me, as I really love it otherwise.
  9. Never mind. I solved this once I found the "search" function on the forum. :-)
  10. Hey guys. Poking around here and I love all the hacks for NHL 94 on GEN & SNES. There don't seem to be any updated/hacked Sega CD NHL 94 ISO's though. Is that something that can't be done? Cheers.
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