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  1. Sorry I got confused with the penalty.
  2. I just read the article pertaining to the verbal argument between Chris Pronger and Ben Eager. Basically Chris Pronger took the game winning puck shot by Eager and threw it in the garbage. Ben Eager wanted this puck to keep as it was the game winning puck. After the game was finished Eager skated over to Pronger exchanging some words. The, from the towels thrown by the fans after the game, Pronger flipped up a towel to the face of Eager. Both players have received 10 minute game misconducts. Pronger calls his actions "ways of getting into the heads of his opposition" I call it childish antics
  3. I'm willing to. I love playing NHL10 and an online league would sound awesome
  4. I agree this series will be great considering we had an exciting game without people like Toews, or Kane scoring.
  5. I never said they didn't deserve it. They did beat the Habs. But the Habs had a harder road to the conference finals and Philly was the better team.
  6. Agreed Habs had the harder road.
  7. I agree its Impressive but all i said was the Habs road was tougher.
  8. Yes but considering the injuries in Boston it made it easier. The Flyers had an easier run to the Finals than the Habs.
  9. What seems harder? A 3-0 deficit to the Bruins or having to advance in the playoffs by beating BOTH the Caps and Pens?
  10. Honestly I felt the Habs deserved more than the Flyers in the Finals. The Habs beat the Caps and Pens. To me thats stanely cup material.
  11. Aim: CrazyLazyB0y(Zero in b0y) Teams: New York Rangers San Jose Sharks Washington Capitals
  12. I also have that problem with my Logitech controller did you ever find a way to fix it?
  13. But also the Flyers had an easier run to the Playoffs. They're only real threat was the Devils. Don't get me wrong being down 3-0 in a series and coming back is impressive but I don't think they could of survived against the Caps or the Pens if faced up against them. The Habs really did most of the work in the eastern conference and Philly just beat them on Momentum. Just think all of this could be totally different if the Rangers had just beaten the Flyers in that last game. *Sigh*
  14. Alright I'll add you. I also downloded Hamachai and all networks were full so i'm looking to just play someone for fun to see how it works online.