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  1. I've seen him on aim several times and messaged him over and over and he hasn't replied. I guess I can pm him through here. Kinda annoyed at how long it's taken to get here. I haven't played a single competitive game of nhl 94 in almost 2 months, any momentum I had is gone.
  2. Sureshot where are ya? We need to get these games done already!
  3. I just took over Chicago last week in GENS-C and will try and catch up, so for anyone who has games against me, I'll try and be on every night around 9pm-12am EST. For people in timezones that make that a bad time, we can probably hook something up on a weekend, so just let me know your availability.
  4. Hey guys, Just took over for Chicago in gens-c and it looks like I've got a lot of games to catch up on, so hit me up on AIM if you see me on(usually on at night), or toss me an email if you're in a different timezone(non-EST) and we can schedule something in advance.
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