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  1. Hey guys, I sorry I had to pull out this season. I just have so much going on right now I can barely stop to breath it seems. I really hate dropping as defending champ. On the flip side, I'm almost certain I wouldn't have repeated. I was able to play a few games, and man everyone was super tough. I was lucky to win the games I did, and outlaws and schwartz were really in control of almost every game we did play. Looking at the standings the parody is better than ever. Who ever wins this year will have a ton of respect from me, the A league is maybe the toughest ever.
  2. Ya. Some of it was pitts & some of it was dumb luck that I went 16-1. I played a handful of games that were 1 goal or tied games going into 3rd. I think it happend vs u in game 3, was tied 2-2 and you setup a wide open net one timer, and I believe my player stopped it. Seconds later I came down and scored. I had a game like that every series where my opponent had a grade A chance to take a lead, didn't capitalize and I came back not 20 seconds later & scored. Would be nice to have you back Oilers. I'd like the league to be as deep as possible. Bringing the guys I mentioned back makes wins that much tougher, and I think makes it alot more competitive. If Jota comes back, wait till you guys see some of he's moves. Very creative player
  3. thanks... Now, where can I get my stanley cup ring?
  4. & BTW ............ Schwartz stop picking hartford !!!
  5. I wanna thank halifax for running such a great league. I know he's not alone and I'm missing a few props to a few others that helped. These guys do a great job, I had fun coming back to 94. Thanks to Xot82 for recording the games, you can view them in the video's section. I'm sure he wasn't thrilled about posting a series he lost, but the video was posted a few hours after the series was over. I really wanted to win 1 title, after having lost years ago to Jota in 7. So I had the best teams 1 through 10 ranked, and got lucky, drafted the best team in the game imop. They are a huge handful. All of them big & can hit. Not to mention a guy at center that can score goals very few players in the game can score. Some of you say that skill is greater than the team you draft. I agree somewhat, however there's a handful of players very close in skill in this league, and I just don't think its fair when Schwartz has to hit mario 3 times to knock him down, and all his whalers crumble when hit back. I look forward to defending my title, and playing more for fun next time. I also hope guys like Grayto, JotaC, and oilers94 can join next season. 2 Previous champions, and I know oilers can handle himself in any 94 league. Now we just need the Leafs to win the cup and everything will be well in the world once again.
  6. Hey I was part of this league once upon a time. If there's any chance I can get in a SNES league cause someone is slacking.... sign me up! Soon as I figure everything out,, I'd love to play some practice games also. ty
  7. I just read halifax's post about the 40% playoff rule I love the idea of only 40% making the playoffs, should make for an intense regular season. I say just have a losers playoff bracket if u want
  8. My thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't read all the posts in this thread, but I read something about no A & B leagues. I have to say that A & B are a must, we can't have them all mixed it together. If you look at the winter league (halifax's) as an example, theres a big gap between the say top 6 or 7 & the rest of the league. Its leading to lots of blowouts & lots of frustration, which will force many to quit. This game is suppose to be fun, & I hate seeing guys get frustrated. Many games I held back alot to prevent from blowing people out. Even costs me a game or 2. I don't enjoy hammering people , I'd rather lose a close one, than win 8-0. I think all previous year's A players that made the playoffs should be put back into A Then maybe the Stanley cup winner & runner up in B should get promoted. Finally, anyone else who wants in A should be forced to play a series against Deer, Kid, Rudy, they don't have to win, but just make it respectable, & let the elite A guys decide if they can handle the league.
  9. Ya I don't agree with that either He just wins the key games. Maybe theres alittle toying at times but bottom line in my opinion he has alittle luck on his side too. Game 2 vs me & a chance to go up 2-0 he wins double OT game that I really led whole way then Game 4 with chance to go up 3-1 he wins 5-4 scores late in 3rd then Game 5 biggest game of series he knocks out selanne, & deer will learn soon how bad Winn is without selanne. He's like the Montreal Canadians the last time they won the cup... you guys remember, they won so many OT games 8 straight I believe. Skill for sure, but also some luck involved. I'd also like to say that I started playin my series vs Jota the same time I went to sleep the night before, & hadn't played in 5 days If I would have known how long it would take Kid & Mcmarkis to play there series I would have waited till I wasn't so tired. He also played 4 or 5 games vs me right before playin the Kid, I didn't have that kind of preperation for any of my series not even close. LOL ... You angered some of us with those comments!! I was a rookie this season, if he wins the winter league I will bend over at that point. But me personally, there's no other player I want a series with right now, give me JOTA 1st round!!!!!
  10. Ya thats ridiculous... theres no reason to play to a 3-3 tie then delay game 7!!! You should win by default, unless this guy had some sort of emergency
  11. Congrads to Jota This season was somewhat of a mess. But hopefully next season can provide a much more intense regular season. There's alot of players I'd love to have a playoff series with, Mike, Rudy, Deer, Kid, Mcmarkis,Scwartz, Shak, Jota again....... Hopefully all the above will be commited next season, this has been a great way for me to unwind from time to time...... As for the finals.... i must say I was suprised to hear about the sweep. I think Jota is the best with his goalie & he's always able to make big saves in tight games. Very impressive run this season as he beat Chicago Mike, Rudy with Detroit, Me..., & Kid with Pitts in the finals. He had the toughest road possible, so there's no ? who's #1 right now..
  12. Why does everyone want to see GENS A vs SNES A winners play????????????? Isn't it obvious that it will go sweep/sweep both ways!!! If I won SNES A I wouldn't want to play that series, I'd know for sure that I'd sweep 4 & kept swept 4 But maybe JOTA & GEN guy want to play so GL
  13. Well, I've been writing about all my series wins, so I think its only fair to write about my losses too! I really didn't get any practice games in this week whatsoever. I kept waking up at 12 & couldn't find anyone to play. Jota said he hadn't played much either, so it was a level playing field, but I keep thinking now that maybe we both could have played on a higher level if we had gotten some games in. (Thanks to bloodythroats for the few games I did get in) As good as I remember Game 1: Jota said he was nervous. He played pretty bad. Probably gave up half way through & this game was over quickly. I knew there was no chance the rest of the series would go like this & I kept thinking that I had to win game 2. 9-2 Winn Game 2: Was the best game I've been in all season. I had a 2 goal lead going into the 3rd. There weren't many chances but Jota managed to tie it up, & he made some big saves to send it to O.T. OT was really defensive, not alot of chances for either player. This was a first for me this season as we went the whole OT without a goal. 2nd OT & Hull gets in & picks the corner. 5-4 St Louis Game 3: I got an early lead & never looked back. 7-2 Winn Game 4: Jota took the early lead. I kept tying it up, & he would take the lead again. I believe it was tied when he scored the winner with 2 minutes left. He probably made a big save or too & held on for the win. 5-4 St Louis Game 5: Again the nightmare happens. Selanne gets injuried in the 1st period, & is out for the game. To make matters worse Jota scores shorthanded on the Winn PP. Jota then knocks out Selanne's replacement Davydov. Jota had the lead & kept a 2goal lead the whole way. 5-3 St Louis Game 6: This game was really tight. Tied going into the 3rd, when I scored a couple of quick goals to ice the win. 7-4 Winn Game 7: This was a frustrating game for sure. It was tied at 1 early when Steen misses a onetimer for a sure goal. He then takes a penalty immediatly after. Jota scores on the PP takes a 2-1 lead. Selanne somehow finds himself with an open net as the goalie is out of position. But the D-man saves a goal & Jota comes back & scores. Jota built a big lead but somehow I get 2 fluky goals to get myselft back in the game. I was thinking maybe somehow I could pull this one out. But It wasn't meant to be. Pokerchamp with his head down, picks up his clubs & heads straight for the course. I had a blast playin this season. Thanks so much to those who run the site Evan, Schwartz, groundsedit ( I believe) You guys do a great job, I hope you'll let me play again next season. Great series Jota. You played great, the better man one. I'm not quite at that level yet. GL in the finals!
  14. Is it that much of a problem on the Genesis version SNES A -- final 4 Winnipeg, St Louis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Ok 1 elite team in the bunch. Chic, Det, Bos, Buff, Montr, ALL GONE I'd like to throw out a challenge to anyone on SNES than complains about teams 7 game series, you pick both our teams just no allstar teams, or u can't give me Ottawa, Florida, Anaheim cause they can't accept passes! Maybe its a bigger factor in the Genesis version, I'm sick of hearing about this team crap. How bout next season we all play with Pittsburgh. Every game is Pitts vs Pitts 40 games of Pitts vs Pitts The top 8 Pittsburgh's make the playoffs
  15. I like all the new changes Evan!!! 40% making the playoffs in A, I love that idea!!! I'd like to see team drafting based on a weighted lottery. I think that would be an interesting process in its own right.
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