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  1. Holy s**t man, thanks so much. I couldn't figure this out for the life of me. I've heard this song play at stadiums before, but I could never come close to finding it. I checked a page on this site and found a Sega CD track list, and this song was labeled "Charge Music", so I thought it was just a generic song. Thanks again man!
  2. What's the name of the song in the game that plays when Philly scores a goal on home ice? I've been trying to figure it out forever. Much help would be appreciated.
  3. Hit me up anytime. aim: deskeater I have a few friends that are interested in playing online too. We can probably do a few tournaments or something.
  4. I'm up to play any time, any day. aim: deskeater I'm in New Jersey. I also have a few friends that play too so maybe we can set up mini-tournaments and such.