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  1. What're you confused about TRU??? you didn't enjoy my game???? haha come on man.
  2. I love this game so much. notice how after ray emery takes coke he is a perfect 100. plus; every one and their grandmother has always dreamed of having jarome iginla on a line with donald brashear and georges laraque. I hope there are people out there who enjoy playing my rom from time to time.
  3. Yo, here is my new 2011 playoffs snes rom. I did all my own meticulous custom ratings and put in 2 special teams. I removed Florida and put in the Africa All stars team (complete with a skin pigment change for the players). I also removed Atlanta and put in a KHL all stars team using the stats from the KHL website. I have wasted far too much time tweaking this game. its time to finally release it. I will obviously be getting a custom cartridge of this game made as well. I'm planning on using an image of burning police cars during the vancouver riot as the cover. Enjoy!
  4. where am I supposed to put the comdlg32.ocx file on my computer. like is there a certain folder it must be in. how does one install it because I keep getting the error for it
  5. I will be putting out an update for 2011 over the christmas break. its kind of silly to bring one out right now as the stats created for the season would be so fictional. I don't know about the rest of you but I would like to see how things play out a bit so that I know what to expect from players this season etc. (who's hot who's not).
  6. I'll gladly take over washington if there are no complaints. what rules do you guys play with? specifically do you use line changes or not? I will be back in england finishing a law degree and I am a bit worried about the time difference but if you guys could be a bit more flexible with that I would love to play.
  7. I have been dying to play someone who can hopefully offer me at least a challenge.....add me on skype potroast420
  8. I promise to make a roster update as soon as the preseason is finished and all the player trading is finished.
  9. sooo..... does anyone out there like the game? or do you all hate it? I hope people are at least downloading it and enjoying it. I wish I could see how many people downloaded it
  10. I suppose that I could make a 2011 update. I put sooo much work into trying to make sure that the players would play with the appropriate realistic attributes that one would expect. you will notice that certain 100 rated players play much differently than others. my goaltender ratings were also based almost completely off of a mix between save percentage and goals against averages. obviously there was an element of personal bias associated with my rankings in this particular field but I do feel that my rankings will hold up to scrutiny when the player statistics are examined. anyway, im still hoping for some online competition if anyone out there is down to smoke a bowl over skype and play me a few games.
  11. ps. check out the canucks home and the devils away jerseys. I had to throw it back! is there anyone out there who will play me online? I haven't been able to find anyone to play online against. my skype is potroast420. add me!
  12. I downloaded the snes 2010 roster update on here and while I absolutely applaud the efforts put in by the original makers of the rom, I found that the ratings of players were lower than I would have preferred. I assume this was done to keep the ratings more closely in line with the scale used in the original 94. while I have great respect for this authenticity, I found myself wanting a little more from the game. thus....I have spent the last month painstakingly updating the 2010 rom with what I feel to be a more accurate portrayal of the players abilities. I scouted every single player using stats from the season so before you complain about certain ratings; please check the stats for the past year or two for each player. give the game a play through with a couple of teams and check the roster ratings etc and see how each team compares. I have been tweaking this rom constantly in my spare time to try and make the ratings of players as accurate as possible. let me know what you think. NHL \'10 Playoffs.zip
  13. I noticed a few posts in the forums discussing the possibilities available when using a game copier to play some of the 94 hacks out there. I purchased this game copier on ebay just before I left for england and have not had very much playing time on it yet. Its a "super pro fighter Q edition" and it seems to work for most NTSC games which don't use FX chips or have special custom programming done to ensure that they will be unplayable on such a device (earthbound). if the games are larger than one disk there is a program called snes tool which allows the user to split the games into pieces and load them on the copier from each disk. needless to say.. I wet myself when I found one for a mere 40 dollars on ebay. macks 2002/03 rom as well as the international juiced rosters rom are the only 94 hacks that I have been able to play thus far (2009 and 2010 roster roms do not work). it was for this reason that I had my custom 09 rosters cartridge made in the first place. anyway, if anyone out there can tell me how I go about fixing the roms so that they work on this copier it would be greatly appreciated.
  14. this looks amazing! I cant wait to play it!
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