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  1. Look people I don't know who else I could ask for this. so that's why I'm bringing it to you guys or even of someone on here could help me find someone who would be willing to help me out like I said I don't want to spend 300$-1000$ on a new setup that will only be running Mame32 I been the cabinets wood is like 150$ tops and that will build me the whole cabinet! Again like I said I got an old and I meen Old compute tower (still has a floppy disk drive) which has a Sega Genesis running on it fine It's just the odds and ends for the Genesis verison of MK just don't cut it for me. I have tried to hack this game but I'm a noob at hacking and having someone will skill would be nice please someone get back to me on this one. I even tried speeding up the CD version of MK to try and skip those 15 second "loading" screens with no luck this is another reason I would like it on the Genesis.
  2. Ok so this has already been seen 5 times now! So the real thing that I'm looking for when it comes hacking Sega Genesis games is really I would like it if some one was able to make me a Sega CD version of Mortal Kombat 1 on the Genesis (the Genesis version has some missing things like voice overs and Sub-Zero having his actual stance rather then just a blue "Scorpio") these are all just minor hacks because I do plan on building a Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet but the guts for it are a tad too old to run a name ( trust me I been looking forever now to find on that works on my ooooold computer) and it does run a Genesis emulator with MK1 really nicely this is why I'm asking if someone would help me with this lol I tried it myself but failed hardcore I just can't get the moving some sprite to another game thing (was trying to put the Sega Master System version of Sub-Zero in) so please would someone even comment on this I would love to build this arcade cabinet just I don't want to spend 300$-1000$ on a new setup when i got it already to go.
  3. Ok so I know this may be a bit off topic but I didn't know who else to bring this question to. The reason I say that is because you guys do a great and I meen GREAT job with the NHL games. But anyways here's my question. Would you guys be willing to do some game hacking for other Genesis games? Get back to me on this one because there are a few genesis games that could use the hacking to make them that much more enjoyable.