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  1. How can any goal be cheap? If someone is doing wrap arounds on you, do it back to them. Everyone plays by the same rules!
  2. Its a great rom, but I had to adjust the ice colors. The blue lights were left in so I made them white.
  3. Steve was a great Captain. Mabye the best ever behind Messier.
  4. HA I'm gonna wear that when I play online LOL.
  5. This is the best game of the EA series and I dunno why they altered it so much in 95. It really captures the essence of true hockey far better than the newer games do, and it has a feel of real hockey.
  6. I think if the net comes off it doesnt count as a shot.
  7. Im gonna try to play you tonight, if I can.
  8. 94 for snes at least has its own personality. 93 for snes was basically a watered down version of the Genny one.