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  1. Totally Goulet, with Joe Murphy was the starter. Goulet is garbage, his shot is slower than molassus on a cold night in Alaska.
  2. In case you missed it, check it out . . . . beating all the best sports games. http://www.boston.com/sports/lighter_side/...orts_videogame/ Compliments of Jeff Rickett
  3. EVAN, How do I get involved? I'm savage on 94, you oughtta see my pristine Genesis equipment, and 13 copies of NHL'94. Anyhow, I'm just waiting for my adapter for my 6 button handle for the computer, which I found on a website. It goes in the same hole the mouse you can plug in goes to. But I gotta tell ya, I'm not technologically saavy, I downloaded the program, but don't know how it works, or anything. I'm such a freaking noob with computers. Help! I'm excited to play and I want to see if these guys people talk about are as good as they purport to be. I obliterated a dormitory of 80 guys one week back in 96 in my sophmore year, w/o losing a game, and have played ever since. Thanks . . . Is the league time intensive? How long does it run? I'm curious how it will conflict with my shedule, cuz I'm in law school and work, etc . . . . Sincerely, Jeff Rickett
  4. I've played some of the other hockey games, and I gotta tell ya, most of em just aren't worth a s**t. I keep coming back to NHL'94, but there are some great games out there, the type you keep playing again and again. How about Streets of Rage 2 on Genesis, Soul Caliber on Dreamcast, Mario Tennis on N64, I'm still jammin those out. Blazing Lazers on Turbo Grafx 16 anyone? What ever I play, I try to keep it real, keep it classic, and keep my equipment in shape to play these games forever. Just picked up a multi-tap for Genesis on 'EBAY' last week, can't wait to start some NHL'94' drinking games here at school, welcome week is around the corner! Let the games begin. Jeff Rickett
  5. 2 things you don't f**k with . . . Texas, and Dirk 'The Jerk' Graham. What? People, please, you didn't think we'd allow Goulet to ever soil the ice in Chicago with his petilence and below average mediocrity, did you? Kap, welcome to NHL94 paradise . . .
  6. Yes, fire away on open cage evertime. I don't believe in cheap goals, only poor defense. Grabbing a forced/hurried goaltender outlet (we called it dumping) and scoring is the way we did it. And EVERYONE followed it to a tee: never heard a complaint from anyone. It's just one of the many facets of the game, hate it or love it.
  7. For us, etiquette demanded NO GOALIE STOPPAGE, and MANDATORY goalie pass, EVEN with opponents players in front of the goal. We have always absolutely frowned on stoppages, Icing was avoided, and you were berrated for it. But holding the puck with the goalie was never tolerated. (Maybe in OT) That's just the way 20 or so of us here did it in Romeo, Michigan
  8. The term or word for this is POSSESSION. The star goes to the computer controlled solid light blue, your controller is locked out, and you cannot regain your controller controls until there is a whistle. We often asked for CHARITY, etiquette demands a complimentary whistle, and if possible, a puck dump. I've played this game 12 plus years, and have experienced POSSESSION more than 500 times! Any play stoppage ends the demonic possession.
  9. Just had MY ORIGINAL x-mas NHL 94 cartridge battery die, last fall. more than 12 plus years on that. Lost all my records, my favorite on there was my brothers 57 goal 10 minute game against the computer(ANA) v. All Stars East!! he averaged nearly 2 minute w/o penalites or line changes. Never seen anyone come close to that. I have 7 other cartrideges, several still have working batteries.
  10. Yes, Montreal does seem to have that SPECIAL SOMETHING, that magic touch, can't quite put my finger on it. I've lost to Montreal against guys that admit they aren't better than me. Chicago has the Tank Commander, there is no bigger advantage in the game!! Yup, my brothers team. LA is SOO deep. You can go to the bench for the President Jimmy Carter, Granato and his wheels of fire is so fast, Zhitnik, Robitaille!! Do you know what good players can do with Roitaille, INSANE. I still think Chicago is number one, but man, LA is DEEP i've seen an expert handler of LA do serious damage with that squad. I would not discount them so cursorily.
  11. Yup, I score prevalently shorthanded, breakaways are savage for some reason. And, well, so long as Roenick is on the ice, you're really not playing shorthanded now, are you?
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