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  1. it was unpossible to change the team logos, i would have done it if would been possible. And the attributes was just like every team would have a good first line. I did my best, and this is something that i did get done
  2. Hello there all hockey fans! I am myself hockey fan from Finland, and we have a great hockey league of ourselves here too. So I decided to modify our national league called "SM-League" to nhl94 rom, that we play at school much (At Universty of Applied Sciences) I just wanted to share my 5 hour of work here too, if you are interested, download it Comments are welcomed, I tryed to make uniforms, rosters and lines to match real world best way as possible. Yours truly, Niko S. from Finland! nhl94_smliiga.rar
  3. My Roms don't work after editing... I would be interest to do SM-league to that game
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