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  1. I come here for the rom hacks, but I stay for the tru drama - always top notch. Thanks for your work skip!
  2. OK. i probably don't give him enough credit, but I felt that EA's assessment of him was generous next to some of the league's better defensemen.
  3. EA definitely overrates some guys and overlooks others, but, with respect to all the work you've done, many of your ratings I have found to be pretty all-over-the-place. I know it's tempting to go against the grain, but most of the players who sell jerseys and get ice time do so because they're really good at hockey. I think the Phaneufs of the world are the exception, not the rule. Our Paul Careys shouldn't be more usable in-game than our Matt Duchenes. As flawed as their current product is, EA mostly nails known skill sets and acknowledges breakout seasons (regressions not so much), even if the engine does a poor job of expressing any of it. I'll start figuring out NOSE asap, if there's a need for player-raters. Clockwise's absence must be filled!
  4. Thx for your work on this... I tried filling the Gens void with the SNES version, but it just won't do.
  5. Love these. Thanks for your work. 00-04 is a pure wave of nostalgia. Forsberg tricking every game. Have you considered a 90's All Stars rom or something?
  6. Oooo I am dying for the playoff patch. May the Avalanche at last be formidable.
  7. Alright cool, i'll reinstall AIM and add everybody. Out of curiosity... Anyone interested in a 6-Man tournament? My favorite game mode right now, and I don't think there's any competitive forum for it. If you're unfamiliar -- it's a hexagonal map with six nets, guarded by one player each. Free-for-all elimination. You get 3 lives and lose one for every goal against, or if you're the last one to touch the ball before it goes in an unmanned net. It has the physics of normal Hax which lets you pull out the usual skill moves, but it's fairly unpredictable, and as nets empty out, you need Spacebounce-esque patience/positioning.
  8. I've been playing way too much of this goddamn game. Had to endure pretty insane levels of noob abuse while figuring out how not to suck, but once I started gelling with teammates and making plays, it became one of my favorite alltime multiplayer games. Thing is, everything Wittgenstein said about the community there is the truth. Assholes and weirdos abound. Don't feed the trolls. I've heard the developer lost interest in working on Haxball, which would be a shame. It could really proliferate if it had more exposure. Raph -- I've actually played SB with you a couple times. Usually go by an Avs-related nick. Kinda wanna see if I can get into a league. Are you or anybody else here are still involved?
  9. Thx alot for making it. Gotta echo the whole "I'd enjoy this more if I knew who I was" thing. It's manageable, but there were, for my taste, too many moments in which I ended up making a play with the wrong guy because I didn't realize which one I'd selected. How do you figure out player ratings? Edit: Went in as 2nd player, much better.
  10. These are wonderful. Dying to play a late-90's one. Prime-era Forsberg PLS
  11. Hey, so... I compared the in-game rosters to all 30 up-to-date ones, and decided to make a text file that lists the changes you'd need to make the game truly current. The ratings can always be tweaked down the road. Unfortunately I'm useless when it comes to editing ROMs, or else I'd have picked up where you left off. This could be, as trudatman said, a great project... Hopefully, if you or anyone else decides to flesh it out, this ends up being helpful. If not, I might have to learn my way around NOSE. NHL 94-14 rosters.rtf
  12. Going to play these a lot. The Avs have a few inaccuracies, in case you're looking to make corrections -- MacKinnon is missing, David Jones is a Flame, Alex Tanguay plays right of Paul Stastny, Milan Hejduk wasn't re-upped, and Matt Hunwick was recently waived. Thanks for the work you put in! edit--Keep noticing more. Greg Zanon and Shane O'Brien are also no longer with the club.
  13. Hello... I too am on a mac. I've been playing the CPU for way too long. Happy to help test this out if it hasn't already happened