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  1. I'm impressed with how well the color portraits turned out, and I also appreciate the attention to detail in changing the credits scroll to be SNK staff.
  2. Any Gens players ever tried this one? The gameplay is kinda eh but the title music is neat. Mostly I'm bringing it up because I was going through my files and found screenshots of a couple of the more amusing team descriptions.
  3. A relatively small idea I've thought about would be to fix a couple of things in NHL 96. Mainly I'd like to see the Nordiques replaced by the Avalanche as they were during that actual season. Also, it kinda bugs me that Boston is listed as "Bruins" on the team select screen when all the other teams use their location.
  4. Sorry, somehow this got posted in the wrong thread.
  5. I finally had a chance to try this out and was treated to a fight immediately after the first faceoff. I think it's gonna be a keeper.
  6. It may technically have taken less doing than the IIHF series but I still appreciate how much effort you put into this, including the manual.
  7. This is great but I do have to report a small typo in one of the team names. "Flordia."
  8. (I'm talking Gens so hopefully that was what you had in mind.) I don't know if a full mod like this has been done for 95 yet but I do know it's possible. The "End of the World" ROM has a few teams with only one player and I'm guessing this was accomplished the same way it's done in 94 ROMs. Ultra-Magnus can explain better than I on that, though.
  9. Huh. Even the base games weren't working. I fiddled with some emulator settings and everything works now. Disregard.
  10. As a heads up I haven't been able to get any of the ones from 95 onward to load in Classicboy on my phone. It looks like it's probably the same kind of checksum issue that the expanded 93 ROM has, since it just sits on a black screen.
  11. I can see where people got that impression, though. I was rereading a gaming magazine from back in the day and saw a letter from a father complaining about the fighting in 93, especially the blood. He took it back to the store and exchanged it for Madden. Unfortunately, that was the year they had the ambulance that could run over players. He wasn't happy about that either, hence the letter. As for legacy code, the later games still included the arena names in the team data long after ditching the pregame commentary screen. That's probably the only reason text for fighting still exists.
  12. I like the flags in the intro. I think it makes perfect sense for the theme.
  13. Unfortunately, I can verify still hearing this kind of thing out in public in the late 2000s so this didn't surprise me. Well, after I noticed the massive necrobump anyway. Can't remember having heard it in quite some time, though. As for gayest way to score, I'll see the casual homophobia and raise you two for slashing.
  14. I did have less in mind, yes. Thanks for clarifying. It is good to ask about limits in both directions, but I'm guessing expanding would be trickier than reducing with what I think I understand of its structure so far.
  15. I have a hack (or two or three) that I've wanted to do for forever and this will probably convince me to move it to 95 like I would prefer. Just to make sure I understand right from the other thread, though, it's possible to rearrange the division alignments but season mode still has to have 26 teams?
  16. XFL could be interesting but I think you'd have to combine both incarnations to have a decent number of teams. Even then I think that only comes up to 16.
  17. Nice. 96 is one of my favorites so I've been wondering if you were going to do that one, and to what extent it was hackable. The effort is appreciated.
  18. The team has been known as the Monsters of the Midway on and off for ages, though this is probably with particular reference to their mid-80s squad. The full scoop is on Wikipedia.
  19. I looked at both games for comparison. Almost every logo in MLF was reused in some form in MLH but some of them were given to essentially a different team. The only logo not reused is the Sixty Whiners, whose spiritual successors are the Mighty Weenies. Teams carried forward from MLF are the Mutant/Midway Monsters, Ice/Psycho Slashers, Screaming Evils, Slaycity Slayers, Terminator Trolz, Turbo Techies, War Slammers, Darkstar Dragons, and Deathskin Razors. Logos were recycled for the Lizard Kingz (Killer Konvicts), Shrimps (Misfit Demons), Derangers (Rad Rockers), Chilly Liars (Road Warriors), St Mucus Ooze (Vile Vulgars), and Montroyale Cadavers (Icebay Bashers). That last one may not be as obvious at a glance with how it was changed. The Black Hearts, Bruiser Bots, Dead Things, Pucksucker Pukes, and Mighty Weenies have new logos. It's also worth noting that the Midway Monsters of MLF were a Chicago Bears parody.
  20. I think the Ice Slashers are at least partially a holdover from MLF's Psycho Slashers. That could be why the names don't line up.
  21. I think he meant puns on contemporary players for a roster update, like Fury for Fleury or something. I'd like to help with that too, by the way.
  22. Basically, the game is trying to find a playoff tree that includes the team in question, failing, and getting stuck. Just make sure every selectable team is included in at least one playoff tree.
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