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  1. One thing I noticed about the playoff format on this ROM, I chose to be the Columbus Blue Jackets and my first round opponent was always the Chicago Black Hawks. It seems the game is still remembering last year's division format. Now that the original divisions are back for 2022, shouldn't the playoff format change to that as well? Is there a way to fix this so an Eastern Conference team isn't playing a Western Conference team in the first round? Thanks for all the hard work on this ROM!
  2. The guys in this thread had the same issue with Winnipeg and Washington: Interesting...
  3. Forget about playing against them. I want to play other teams as them! GO BLUE JACKETS!!!
  4. Yesterday I noticed while playing Washington that when the player cards begin to cycle, the game freezes up as well. I didn't notice anyone having this issue so I thought I would mention it. Thanks for all your hard work on these roms. I look forward to playing them each year a new one comes out! Game on!
  5. No Columbus, this rom sucks!
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