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  1. I'm trying to get a game too. I'm a noob here. Gchat - jimroletter AIM - kenzokid
  2. I'm interested in being on the waiting list for a league. AIM - Kenzokid email - jimroletter@gmail.com
  3. I used to play the computer with the Hartford Whalers as my team and pull the goalie. That would kind of even the playing field. I would have to play super defense and be real efficient with my shots. I wish you could up the skill level of the computer like on a scale of 1-100 and find the level at which you could only win about 50-60% of the time to make it fun to play the computer.
  4. I want to start playing. How do we hook up? How do I get in a league? Or even plan exhibition games? I started keeping myself logged into AIM after I found this forum. Got the emulator and bout a USB controller. I'm ready to go just havent' really figured these forums out yet. I used to own the dorms in this game back in the day. Jim AIM - Kenzokid Gchat - jimroletter@gmail.com
  5. I'm looking to play my first game of NHL94 Online. AIM - Kenzokid
  6. I'm new here. Haven't played any games online and haven't even played any on my own with this rom. Not even sure if I can play a game using just my keyboard on my laptop. So my question is....What kind of controller should I buy? I bought this 6 button controller on ebay that is a kind of sega controller with a USB connection. I guess thats what I need. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Jim Roletter
  7. Hey All, I played this game a lot in the dorms in 94-95. Actually I think I must have been playing the original back in the summer of 92 when we were playing it at our shore house. I remember the 93 or 94 version finally let you pull the goalie to stop the pull back goal. I found a website dedicated to NHL94 back around 05 or 06, downloaded the ISO images with the updated players and teams....and bought a Sega on Ebay and me and my roomate started playing it again for a while. Anyway, I went looking for another Sega so I could get back into NHL94 and found this site. I can't figure out