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  1. I wish I could help more on this - but at this point the laptop I was using to play back then was e-recycled literally years ago. I wish I had the ability to boot it up and examine the settings I was using, but unfortunately I don't.
  2. My 2nd Thursdays: April - IN May - IN June - IN July - Probably out, kids have champs in Seattle August - Most likely in September - IN Let's do this thing.
  3. IN. I have various kid-related travel over the summer so can't blanket commit, but any time I'm in town, I'd make it a point to be there. I'm a GENS guy.
  4. How much pressure from the parent company is there to keep changing a game every year (for sales)? Is there tension when you feel you got a game just right, but you have to make changes or the company can't sell an updated edition the following year?
  5. Riches. http://tinyurl.com/knu2kwj
  6. Gõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõõl !!!!!!!!
  7. Ah, sweet sweet Atlantic City. When Vegas is just too classy.
  8. USA - Portugal was a hammer throw right in the nuts.
  9. I ducked him for as long as I could, but eventually had to face the music. Good luck in the finals boys!
  10. Not seeing you on tonight - around Saturday morning or evening?
  11. Hey there dcicon, which AIM are you sending messages to? I don't seem to be getting them. My id is addisonbr on AIM - I'm generally logged on all day during the day from work, although I can't play from the office (but could communicate about times). I am not by default logged on in the evenings but could be if I knew you were available. Let me know what nights work for you, or the weekend. I'm around tonight (Tuesday) but not Wednesday or Thursday. Around again Friday. And in and out over the weekend, early-ish in the morning or later in the evening better for me (middle of the day tends to be family stuffs).
  12. Let me know when and if you're around to get this first round set in - I am definitely around for the balance of the weekend and would love to get them in, as during the week is way tougher for me. Thanks! aim = addisonbr
  13. "2 things, 1 - you score the crappiest goals, 2 - your connection appears to be dial up speed" Presumably, my mother is also a whore. I'm back everyone!
  14. Is there a place on the site that has IM names that go along with coach names? I checked the Registration / Waiting List page but it looks like it's been cleared out. And the list of Online players (http://www.nhl94online.com/html/online-players.php?lgtype=gens) looks like it hasn't been updated yet. I'm not in a hurry or anything if it's not ready yet - just didn't know if it was hiding some place I hadn't thought to look.
  15. Huge thanks to chaos for walking me through what seemed like a pretty complicated router / port forwarding / etc. process to get a couple of test games in. Ready to go!
  16. It's been a while, so long that I think I should probably try to get a test game to make sure I've got the right settings and everything... if you're interested in helping me out give me a ping and I'll try to get set up. Thanks!
  17. That is *exactly* what the guy at the event told me when I bitched about it. Word for word, including "buddies" and "couch". I was like, come on man, all of my "buddies" live hundreds and thousands of miles away. I moved to New York, got married, have kids... you think me and my "buddies" ask our moms if we can hang out at each others' houses for a few hours? Who makes a game in 2013 without online play? And the game play is poop by the way. Slapping NHL94 intro music at the beginning of a crappy hockey game doesn't make it NHL94 mode. I'm an idiot for even entertaining the idea that this wouldn't suck. Sorry I missed kingraph, apparently only by a few minutes. If he'd been there maybe I could have gotten on his shoulders and punched the producer in the jaw.
  18. I think this is pretty valid... I have very fond memories of Punch Out, but you're right. I'd have been a little disappointed not to see it on the list at all, but I #3 is high.
  19. #2 all-time... Not bad, even if it's off by one from the truth: http://espn.go.com/espn/playbook/story/_/id/9233144/jon-robinson-ranks-best-sports-video-games-all
  20. Nice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WouP3lbn7o
  21. Got this today - I've spoke with Mike and he assures me that the NHL series will be represented. For those who aren't familiar, Xband was the original way to play NHL '94 over a network... It was a modem that plugged into the cartridge slot in a Genesis, the game plugged into the modem, and then it would match you up with someone else who wanted to play the same game. It was pretty cool.
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