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  1. That's supposed to be fun ? I don't know why i waste my time to organise this f**king s**t when i need to replace 75 % of player all season
  2. If you want drop, just drop. I don't want coach play without fun. Im just mad because i ask you before the draft if you're sure to join, i tell you that is not the classic snes C league, the best snes player play here and that is not easy. Ill ask to Halifax for a remplacement.
  3. My last prediction was true ...
  4. Good holidays time bob ! No problem with your place in SDL
  5. thanks bud, you'll welcome again at anytime.
  6. Thx fank ill check that
  7. Yes the website bug before, when i updated the database with the player, the player order will not be added for no reason. But that's fixed right now and ill reupload game already logged.
  8. New rom is on the first post. If someone need to delete game posted before, just send me the # of the game.
  9. thanks everyone, ill check that right now and put a another rom version here.
  10. The new rom is attached in the boddom of this post. If you see some problem/error please write what you see here. Thank you and good luck. sdl94S3v2.zip
  11. Need rumnock and Salon line up and the rom will be ready to start the season.
  12. Hi SDL coach and fan I know that's probably late to put this reference in the website database, but i added the stick side of player in the player sheet page and player page. Take a look on this screen pic. Please if you see error, just send me a PM or post right here.
  13. Hi, can you write your pick choice in this post. I can't resolve the problem in the website now and that's can be long. thx.
  14. Im sorry about the system... with my work, i don't have a lot of time to watch all the time the draft speed. but ill rebuilt completly the draft engine for the next draft. In the same time ill try to optomise my code behind, for this system, i wrote 4995 lines of code lol. For the next draft, auto skip with time.
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