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  1. I would be interested in joining. AIM: matt.douglas@live.ca I haven't played NHL 94 since the 90s so, I am sure I will need to shake of the rust. I am going to buy a controller some time soon. I haven't firgued out, how to play against other people on the internet yet but, without a controller I am pitfull so, it would be embarrasing anyways. I liked Penguins of the 90s if that team is available
  2. AIM: matt.douglas@live.ca I am buying a controller as soon I as get some extra time. Then, I'll have to practice up
  3. okay I think it got it underway. What do you guys suggest as a controller for GEN?
  4. I found the explantion kinda confusing for how I can start playing NHL94. What should I play Gen or SNES? Where do I find the downloads? What else do I need to download? What would be a good, fairly cheap controller I can buy to play? What all do I need to download? I'm not a very computer savy person, links would be nice Cheers and thanks for any assistance, Matt Super Mario
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