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  1. Thanks for organizing - IN - Toronto please
  2. d housley 1.23 d sweeney 2.2 g barasso 3.23 f richer 4.2 f linden 5.23 f ysabaert 6.2 d hawgood 7.23 f borsato 8.2 f k. Miller 9.23 f m. Mcinnis 10.2 d marchment 11.23 g fiset 12.2
  3. So the tourney is only a month away... i need to start training to up my game... I usually make the playoffs in gen b/c but thats it - how do i up my game??? What would you guys practice in the coming month to get better??
  4. new aim is mike_mac94 - can you add me to groups
  5. How can i put a new AIM account on my account and get added to my league chat?
  6. I wanna join the genesis league... had a blast the last couple seasons and forgot to register - ugh
  7. Looking for a test game... but first i need to log onto a network - they are saying that they re all full my aim is mike_mac@rogers.com if anyone can help me
  8. Trying to do the initial setup - but i tried all the networks listed and all of them say full - am i doing something wrong? Need to get it set up soon so i can get my practice game in for the league thanks mike
  9. I used to be an allstar at nhl 94 back in the day... i guess we all were - lol Havent played in years and would like to play again... I have read how to get the emulator and play online. How do i join a league or waiting list when do leagues start are there ever any tournaments? Look forward to playing with you all soon Mike
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