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  1. I'm still here. just got laid off so figuring stuff out but I'm around from now on
  2. alright man, you know what, f**k it i'm back. miss you guys. i'll try to bring back my bros too (blurb, slime). give me the low down on what's been going on around here. please tell me fenty, the deer, schwartz, the94kid, rudy (sry if i missed anyone) is still playing. we still using aim? haha
  3. ok i havent been here in a long time but fenty is a stand up son. best son to be honest. come visit your dad and i'll beat you at nhl 94.
  4. i'm down, sounds cool. i forget my aim info, i'll make a new account...
  5. it was logged under me (NYR) and i just noticed after i played winnipeg, saw the W and sent back the confirm request of a 5-2 victory... little bit of confusion. can someone with a higher power fix that up?
  6. confirmed Lethal, connection is good. no zbat though.
  7. love em - way better then the modern RBK look of my sens jerseys. f**k i wish we did a throwback 3rd jersey with the barber pole striping..
  8. wow, its been a while since i've posted here.. i'll be around to play some test games (got a new controller and want to test it out). pm me or msg me on msn (nathanieljfreeborn[AT]hotmail.com) or aim (shakazuzu). OT: has anyone tested out the Enchanced Netplay ZSNES 1.42? just a thought.. http://nsrt.edgeemu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=448
  9. ah f**k - was looking forward to this season...
  10. i added KAMAKAZIE to aim and didnt get a response. i can play anytime.. my contact info is below. best way to contact me if by msn
  11. true, i just havent had the time to capture/edit it.. theres also a zsnes WIP that allows for the dump of vdeo and audio directly from zsnes.. theyre planning to have the feature in the newest stable version which is going to be released before the new year, according to their site..
  12. To play these movies, you'll need to use the SNES emulator ZSNES. If your ROM's filename is nhl94.smc, then rename the .zmv file to nhl94.zmv and move the zmv file into your SAVES folder. In ZSNES, choose Misc : Movie Open : Play. i think its under 0 or 1..
  13. great series. a real close one again.. i'll comment more later.. here's the zmv video files of the games if anyone is interested.. if i find some time i might throw a highlight package together and toss it up on youtube.. PITvsMTL_Rnd2_SNESA.zip
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