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  1. I apply the change for the timers and when you go to play a season game the timer it's ok. Here a picture.
  2. Good rom thanks ! They have the weigth bug fix ?
  3. Wow it's a good one !! Thanks to clockwise again !!!
  4. I play a lot of game on 95 ! And you have reason !!
  5. Nhl 99 on the snes... Humm they may the switch to the n64.
  6. Ôk thanks ! Nashville and columbus good choice !! lol
  7. Did have 30 teams in this roms ?
  8. Thanks for this upDATE !!
  9. Maitrefun

    NHL Toughguys

    Very cool and fun thanks !!
  10. Good game like it !! When you skate and your player fall under the ice !
  11. This is pretty big for the retro gamers out there. The EA Sports NHL team posted the pic above to Twitter with the message “Why is the ice blue in this NHL 14 screenshot? Find out July 11.” So three things here: the ice is blue, the font is retro, and it’s now 20 years since the iconic NHL 94 dropped. So you gotta figure there’s gonna be some sort of implementation of NHL 94 coming to this year’s game. Link : http://blogs.thescore.com/franchisemode/2013/07/10/nhl-94-mode-to-be-featured-in-nhl-14/ Rumor or real ??
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