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  1. 3 hours ago, Matt55 said:


    * Besides that "inaccuracy," the game includes San Jose, Tampa, and Ottawa because I work from the Original ROM.  (I believe that other versions won't work on my Everdrive.)

    I have still never figured out why the 30 team rom does not work on the everdrive.


  2. 2 hours ago, kingraph said:

    I see.  If you want a 20 minute game to play exactly the same time as a current 5 minute game, you have to increase the current clock speed 4x.  You want 20 minute periods to run as 5 minute (20/5=4)

    The hex value you want to use is 2AA8.  That's 10920 in decimal, which is 4x the original value.  

    More math:

    65536/10920 = 6.0 frames for every second.   At 60fps, that means the clock will run 10x faster than real time, which will be 2 minutes, the same as a 5 minute period in the original ROM.

    OK, Roger that.

    Works perfectly.

    So now how do I set the penalty clock to match?

    Do I set 128CC to 0006?  (60/6 =10)

    I want it to run 10 times faster than real time also.

  3. 3 hours ago, kingraph said:

    Coach, you'll have to adjust the PP clocks as well!  Again, if you want a specific speed of the clock, just figure how many time you want the seconds to tick off per 60 frames.

    1AAA = 6,826 in decimal

    65536 / 6,826 = 9.6

    So your clock is 9.6x faster than the regular clock, which is exactly what you're saying (20 mins is 2 mins).  It's more like 2 minutes and 25 seconds ^_^

    So depending on how fast you want the clock speed, figure out the decimal number which you want to divide 65536 and that will be your clock speed.  Then whatever that decimal number is in Hex is what you put into the code.  

    65536/6553 = 10

    6553 = 1999 Hex

    So that would make 20 minutes play just like 5 minutes in the original game?

    Which is really 2 minutes:amazing:

  4. On 1/11/2017 at 6:20 AM, profit90 said:

    I'm actually looking for the reverse, is it possible to have 5 minute periods but using a sped-up 20 minute clock on the game screen.

    Yeah, this is what is interesting to me.

    I never knew that 5 minutes of NHL 94 time is only 2 minutes of real time.

    So after experimenting setting the code if you set it to 1AAA a 20 minute period will be about 2 minutes.

    Great now I may have to change all my roms. :haha:

  5. 1 hour ago, ac3100 said:

    That's beyond amazing!  

    I just found out what a flashcart is - I know I'm late to that party with that but, it would be awesome to put all of those into one flashcart.

    Would that be possible?  I don't care about other Genesis games - just NHL 94 along with other seasons.

    Can anyone that has experience with this recommend a flashcart that would work specifically for my situation?


    The only ones I have found are:


    - MegaSD $269.99

    - X7 $166

    - X5 $89

    - X3 $39







    Everdrive is amazing.

    get the real thing by krizz not cheap chinese knock offs.

    Evactly what I have on my everdrive is this!

  6. 10 hours ago, bbb777 said:

    Hi guys. Curious if there has ever been a complete 92-93 season overhaul of NHL 94. I know when reading that it sounds weird seeing that the game is based on the 93 season, but as we all know, the OG game is not perfect when it comes to a number of little things:

    1. Accurate Jersey colors. Sorry but the SNES version completely owns the Sega version for this. A lot of teams have really poor home/road uni templates in this game. Would love to see that fixed. 

    2. Home Ice logos that reflect the 93 season. Would this be possible? For instance, in the PC version of the game certain teams did not have the logo at center ice but closer to the blue lines. I always liked that little detail. Also, is it possible to have the home ice logos go horizontal as opposed to vertical?

    3. Minnesota still in the game. Remove Florida and Ana

    4. Rosters accurate as of the final day of the season

    Again, I am sort of picturing a 93 season rom similar to the gold standard 91 season rom. 

    I like all of this post.

    92-93 was a great year and most of what you requested is in my roms.

    Not sure how much I care for perfect jerseys as sometimes I like them slightly altered to look better in the rom.

    An example would be Chicago and Minnesota.  Chicago I replicated accurate to 92-93, but I hated the changes Minnesota made to their logo for that last year so most of the time I left their look and logo more 91ish, but it is totally possible to do replicas easily with NOSE, just be careful as it can screw up the Center Ice logo.  I have a bunch of versions of this rom.  Some more accurate and some more to my liking.  I think they are all posted so poke aroung the above linked thread and if you don't find what you need PM me.

    I am not doing much with 94 right now but would be happy to help you.

    As far as moving the logos around on the ice like the PC version does, Which I agree is cool.  I do not think is possible in SNES or Gens, but KingRaph or Smoz could better answer that.

    # 3 and #4 are easy and in my rom.

  7. 3 minutes ago, herecometherats said:

    I have looked around. The offsets mentioned in all the documentation do not line up with the 32 team rom due to data having been moved around in the rom. That is precisely what I was asking about. 

    Yes, it becomes more and more complicated around here. 

    I wish I could help you but I got the 30 team rom pretty dialed in and plan to just keep working with it as I don't plan to create any roms needing more than 30 teams.

    Good Luck!

  8. The Home Team gets the last change and 93 and 94 both have this built in.

    If you send your CHK line out as the Visiting Team the CPU as the Home Team matches.

    If you send your CHK line out as the Home Team the CPU essentially has already sent out Line 1.

    It was a great way to guarantee a Probert vs Neely or Roberts fight in 93.

    Play as the Red Wings at Home and send out the checking the line the CPU Bruins would have already sent out Neely on Line 1.


    93 and 94 both have this.



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  9. Good news:

    I thought it would be tough to get 4 and we got 8!:big_smile:

    So, we will split into 2 Leagues.
    Champions of each league will meet later in the week in a format to be determined.

    Bad news:

    I can't get Discord to work on my Windows XP computer, so I may be out of my own league.
    That is embarrassing:shame:


    Teams Available
    Red Wings
    Maple Leafs

    Eastern League
    1. @danTML7
    2. @AtomicRaven
    3. @corbettkb

    4. @kingraph

    Western League
    1. @jer_33
    2. @JSchmidt
    3. @CoachMac
    4. @angryjay93

    DRAFT is LIVE!

    Eastern League Champion vs Western League Champion on Tuesday or later in the week in a format to be determined.




  10. 1 hour ago, kingraph said:

    So if there are more than 4 coaches available for a given week, how does the draft work?   Random, or if the coach played previously, etc?


    I'll also make it for Dec 1st.

    All of the above!:big_smile:

    Plus some, I have a secret proprietary formula used by the selection committee.:amazing:

    Bottom line is everybody will get chances to play, coaches will be relegated between levels, coaches may sometimes be asked to show up as sub, coaches may get left out some weeks,  lots of room for creativity and need to be flexible.  Even the night we play will take flexibility and creativity as somebody may not show.


    Deadline is midnight tonight.

  11. billy.PNGNHL1951.bin


    Here is the rom, so that you can get familiar with the teams.

    Classic Style
    5 Minute Periods
    Line Changes OFF
    Penalties OFF/Offsides OFF (B-check enabled)
    Best of 7 Playoffs Only


    No editing lines, changing goalies, or calling timeouts.
    No in game pausing or delays during the series allowed.  (Take a piss, get your beer, change the kids diapers, please your woman before or after your series...Be a Man!)
    DEFAULT everything plug and play.

    #1 Detroit vs #3 Montreal
    #2 Toronto vs #4 Boston

    TEAM DRAFT will be Wednesday.

    Coaches Currently looking for jobs.


    Midnight Eastern tonight is deadline to submit application.

  12. GENS/Hamachi
    @CoachMac 1951 Rom (Each week will progress through the 1950's and 1960's)
    Classic Style
    5 Minute Periods
    Line Changes OFF
    Penalties OFF/Offsides OFF (B-check enabled)
    Best of 7 Playoffs Only


    No editing lines, changing goalies, or calling timeouts.
    No in game pausing or delays during the series allowed.  (Take a piss, get your beer, change the kids diapers, please your woman before or after your series...Be a Man!)
    DEFAULT everything plug and play.

    Set Schedule Day and Time
    Do not commit if you cannot show up, and be on time, both nights.
    You do not have to commit to every week. 
    You can sign up week by week.
    I will select the players each week if we have more than 4 sign up.
    The selection committee (me) will consider your skill level, overall dedication to the hardcore league, and general awesomeness for who gets in each week.

    4 players and order to be determined below.

    Sunday 12/1/2019 Semi-Finals 10 PM Eastern

    Series A #1 Detroit vs #3 Montreal
    Series B #2 Toronto vs #4 Boston

    Monday 12/2/2019 Stanley Cup Final and Consolation Series 10 PM Eastern

    Winner A vs Winner B
    Loser A vs Loser B

    Awesome Retro Awards
    Antique Tin Hockey Guys to weekly winner.
    Gordie Howe and other Original 6 Bobbleheads to Decade Winners.














    I don't like computers or being online, but I miss playing NHL 94.

    Anyone including those listed above who would like to be in for 1951 (12/1 and 12/2 at 10 PM) sign up below.

    Deadline to sign up is Monday at Midnight Eastern.

    I will select the 4 players Tuesday if we have more than 4 and post the rom.

    TEAM DRAFT will be Wednesday.

    EXI's Thursday, Friday, Saturday

    SIGN UP FOR 1951 Below.–51_NHL_season




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  13. On 10/19/2019 at 11:33 AM, crossczech88 said:

    Got kind of a dumb question but I own NHLPA 93 for sega and mine says EA sports at the top and that is how it shows on the scoreboard, but yet most screenshots I see show EASN (ea sports network)on the scoreboard and the box reads EASN instead of EA Sports at top...did they re-release it or something at one point? I know ESPN tried to adopt that EASN and it never took off really. Just wanted to know why my copy differs from the ones I see on screenshots/youtube, etc. Other than the logos are there any other differences in the games? Is one better than the other? 





    I've got carts that say the same thing, plus they have a big red EA instead of the spinning pucks on the opening Splash screen.:big_smile:

    I do think they are just later versions after the whole EASN thing.

    I like the EASN and spinning pucks better, but cool to have both.

    I have looked for other differences but never been able to find any, besides the in game timer, center ice logo, and the splash screen.