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  1. Duke of 94 seems awesome to me, but will anyone else enter??? Love the Auto Goalie! Sadly, I am also almost 100% going to miss my first King of 94. Or actually my first Duke of 94.
  2. So well done! Thanks @kingraph @Evan @MikeGartner22 @chaos for running a great tourney and being all around awesome guys. Always love seeing @IAmFleury'sHipCheck and enjoyed making him sweat in Game 1 of our Playoff Series 9vs24. @superfan99 was great to meet and I was impressed with how he improved through the day. @The Sauce was fun to meet and talk editing roms and rating players. Also enjoyed playing some exis with him of my Original 6 roms and the classic rom. @Lupz27 was excellent to meet in person and further demonstrates why the internet sucks. Really good guy! @corbettkb HOW COULD I EVER THANK YOU ENOUGH! Putting me up in your awesome place in Brooklyn (I felt like I was in an episode of Seinfeld), Showing me the town on bicycle, by Subway, and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Playing exis, and best of all the Yankees White Sox game on Sunday. Very Fun! As usual I played poorly and seemed destined to be career minor leaguer when it comes to NHL 94. But open invite to all my NYC and Chi-town buds mentioned above to come out and ski, run, bike, hike, kayak, raft, you name it in my mountain paradise home! The X marks my Best run tourney and format, that I have been to since King of 94 #1 in Toronto. The no shows and the 1-0 forfeit victories would be my only complaint, but it was as well done and thought out as anyone could hope for.
  3. Awesome that EA @IAmFleury'sHipCheck is going to be there! Thanks for putting this on @kingraph
  4. This is funny and a good insight into Human Behavior and differences between people. But, trust me your tongue will not stick to the pole. Based on what you have said and experienced, it sounds like you can not make that change over.
  5. All good and true points by @kingraph except this I can tell you that it works just fine. I do keep a back up of the roms I am using it on just in case as @wboy said it does corrupt something, but I have never had any issues. I also thought that you meant it was not keeping your progress through the playoffs, which should work just fine.
  6. That does work typically anyway with roms played on GENS or KEGA. I am not sure why it isn't working for you or with this rom. It works with all my Historic roms. Best of all get an Everdrive and an Original Genesis play all these roms just like its 1994!
  7. Cool and Fun! How did Dino lose to Chelios is the only opening round shocker. Yzerman looks to have the easiest road to the Final 4 coming out of the Adams. I can't see him not making it. Roy/Bure winner in the Sweet 16 should come out of the Patrick. Theo/Belfour in the Sweet 16 and Gilmour in the Elite 8 makes the Norris the toughest Division. Mogilny/Roenick is a colossal Elite 8 Match-up with the winner taking it all. Yzerman/Bure/Belfour/Roenick are my Final 4 Roenick over Yzerman in the Final. How do you vote in this? Another piece of awesomeness brought to you by @kingraph
  8. -2, -1, or 0 is a poor way to think about away rating. There really is no away rating just a Home Ice advantage that can range from a low of zero to high of 5. This is being way over thought in my opinion. Raphs first post was perfect. It is just a guide. We are all going to have some preferences, what I loved in the Original post was #1 how cool it looked gotta keep the logos, #2 The wealth of info, players Home away, #3 The simplicity.
  9. I really also like what you did with the Home and Away. Including the numbers makes it easy to see for example that EDM vs PHI Match Home Ice will be huge +3 for the Oil at Home and +4 for Philly at Home. While a Dallas Vs Calgary match Home Ice will essentially mean nothing as it turns out as zero in either building.
  10. The freeze bug should have been at 21 teams Or maybe 6.
  11. How much can I love this post and chart! I tried to make something like this for Vegas that did get passed out and used, but this is a major upgrade. Incredibly well done! NOOOOOO!
  12. Funny...No bees in my bonnet or burrs in my saddle. Just pointing out what I did was simple. @kingraph and you both have my full support.
  13. The Production Line!
  14. I easily did both teams in primary colors using NOSE. I have also done it in some Original 6 Roms. It does look cool, but what I did was simple. What you are asking for is much more work and complex. All I did was change the uniforms in NOSE and make sure that I had no conflicts. Red vs Red for example.
  15. Thanks for the responses and yes I could see where what you are saying is true, but I am basically using the same guys in either rom. To me there seems to be something else and unknown element. Anyway no big deal, as a side note the Historic/Retro players benefit from the Wt. Bug!
  16. I saw some stuff like this for Tecmo Bowl teams in a Video game Store. So I thought I'd make some for '94.
  17. I have been playing a ton of 94 on the Original Equipment. Both against the computer and against Live competition. I have found Classic roms to be far better/crazier/I am not sure of the word than WBF roms. Anybody else feel that difference? Agree? Also as @Matt55 pointed out when playing the computer "big" guys will level you so the WBF is actually in effect.
  18. Tons of updates on the first page. New Banners for Historic Teams. (shows the year) New Team Selection logos for Historic Teams. (shows the year) Some new Splash screens. All of these new roms are Classic. Instead of making a huge Historic Rom with lots of teams and players I am not interested in I just put 6 teams from different eras on each rom with the 24 Original teams (removed the All-Stars, Ducks, and Panthers) I find Classic roms just play better, or seem more fun, or just seem more frantic. Here are the 6 Splash screens. Credit to @smozoma for the Bure/Vernon screen. And here is a sample of the Banners and team select Logos.
  19. Here is a challenging fun way to play. Best of 7 Playoffs Play with Line Changes Off, BUT..... Game 1 Use SC1 for your team. #1 Goalie Game 2 Use SC2 for your team. #2 Goalie Game 3 Use CHK for your team. #1 Goalie Game 4 Use whatever you want to create for a 4th line with what is left. #2 Goalie. If you lose a game, you must use the line that lost in Game 5, etc... until you win. Every Line must win to advance. Players not on one of the 4 Lines (Scratches) are waiting for an injury. If a player is injured in any way they are OUT! and go to the back of this line. Also if you have a 3rd goalie he would play with Line 4.
  20. I agree. It is along the lines of a project I am working on (making the computer more challenging) and I appreciate this greatly. When playing the computer WBF roms are not really the best. This and the zero goalie speed, etc... are great. Way to go @Matt55
  21. I have now been playing my historic roms, with all goalies edited to zero speed and the checking turned way down. These have made huge improvements to them. Goalies are awesome with speed set to zero. GIGANTIC Find. Thanks @The Sauce I will post updated versions soon. Plus I have added some custom banners and team logos as well as some other twist.
  22. Thanks. I like both of these points, especially the checking. Anyone else have feedback on the goalies in this rom. Both of these seem applicable to my Original 6 roms. (goalies staying in the net and less checking)
  23. What does making all the goalies speed zero do? I also noticed all the checking ratings are really low. What does that do to gameplay?