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  1. NO WEIGHT BUG!!! NO CREASE CUTS!! The goalies really are amazing!! Mad scrambles, post, wicked pad slides side to side (Who needs manual with these guys) The deke is still slightly to easy to beat them with but if not using a Super High Agility/stick guy not so much. And the Defensemen AI is outstanding! So the deke is only somewhat cheesy.
  2. Everything in all versions of NHL 94 is based on 1993 season. All the ratings are the same in both the 94 Gens Cart and this game, although the rosters are deeper and the lines are more accurate. The 94 Gens cart keeps players on 2 teams, moves the Stars to Dallas, and includes the Ducks and Panthers. But it is still based on 1993 season. The way games were named back then was for the upcoming season (in this case 94), but based on the previous season (93). So the naming gets confusing.
  3. Well, the mystery is solved. 5 minute major, so probably wrong on the fighting.
  4. Playing Full Seasons of NHL Hockey (94) DOS In the spirit of what Tecmo Guys do with Full Seasons. No need to sign up, just post your Seasons here. Play as many Seasons as you like. I will award a Retro NHL Bobblehead to the Person who has the best record of Season and Playoffs. Can you go 100-0. 84-0-0 in Season and 16-0 in Playoffs. Rules: -You may choose any team. -5 minute periods -Penalties On, Offsides Off -84 Game Season and 7 Game Playoff Series. -Line Changes OFF, but special rules do apply to your roster. ---Players must play their default postion and with their default line. RW = RW etc... ---You must use Line 1 and Defense Pair 1 and Goalie 1 for the first 21 games. ---The next 21 games Line 1 will rotate back to Line 4, and Line 2, 3, and 4 will all move up 1 slot. ---The defense pairs will rotate in the same fashion. Except with only 3 pairs Pair 1 will play with Line 4. ---Goalie 1 will play with Line 1 and 3, Goalie 2 will play with Line 2 and 4*. Teams with a third Goalie will play him with Line 4. ---Scratched players are scratched for the season. ---Playoff Rosters work similarly. ---Each Forward Line can play in 1 and only 1 playoff series. You choose the order but if Line 2 is playing Line 3 is backup etc.... ---Each Defensive Pairing work just like in the season 1 with 1 and 4, 2 with 2 and 3 with 3. ---Each Goalie plays in 2 Series. If teams have a third goalie he does not have to play in the Playoffs. I have started my first season with Minnesota. I will post some results later tonight.
  5. Amazing Game! The AI is excellent. Playing the computer is actually fun and somewhat challenging. The lack of manual goalie is made up for with amazing Defensive AI. They really clog the middle and while the deke is still a very good move it is not money or cheesy. They will often level you or force a bad shot. So much more of a Hockey simulation than any other version. Really has all the best parts of 92, 93, 94, and 95! Other awesome stuff, Full Season Mode, Ron Barr including speech, plus an awesome rink announcer, Anthems (no kneeling), USA and Canadian Flags, Back up Goalies Play, Varied and accurate center ice logos, Sound of the boards, goalie pads, sticks, pucks, etc...., better music, more dynamic and accurate crowd, guy blowing a single horn at times, Jumbotron including Fan Meter and other cool stuff, Ref retrieves puck and goes to box and signals penaties, calendar, 4 actual accurate lines, scratches and deeper rosters, 1993 season celebrated, Stars in Minnesota, No Ducks or Panthers, 3 Stars, skate out after being announced EA Sponsor, Shows total goals when a player scores for season or playoff not just that game, more accurate goalie pulls like when down 1 or 2, not just when down 2, visual line changes when players go on and off, dynamic crowd, announcement of 1 minute left in the period, so much more amazing game, an actual Stanley Cup presentation and skate with the Cup, Long Live DosBox!
  6. Negatives -The local casuals that are advertised were in my experience often, kids, women, or other people that had little interest in playing but were used to drive marketing. -The seeding was whacked. -Almost all Genesis guys attended yet we spent most (75 percent) of the day playing SNES. -The World Rankings are also jumbled because of past these past tournaments and the whacked seeding. -While I feel I drew the a short straw at the Vancouver King of 94, it was completely random and truly just turning out in a pool that was very strong due to unknowns. -In Green Bay, there was monkey business with the seeding ahead of time that I directly addressed the day before the tourney and was basically told to pound sand. Positives -Hotel J was outstanding! -The pre and post tournament action was top notch. (Exi's, 2v2, breaking world records)
  7. I am going to post more on this later, but the DOS Version NHL Hockey (94) fighting exist in CPU vs CPU games. Marty McSorley and other known fighters often have an odd number of penalty minutes. That only happens if they are taking 5 minute majors!
  8. ANA Home Average (1) Road Brutal (3) FLA Home Average (1) Road Brutal (3) OTT Home Average (1) Road Brutal (3) SJ Home Average (1) Road Weak (2) TB Home Weak (0) Road Strong (0)
  9. Got this and the 94 version up and running with DOSBOX! Very Cool! Any way to get a controller to work with DosBox? I did a couple searches but I am having no luck with it.
  10. This is why I deleted my post. I should have kept this private.
  11. @IceStorm70 is the Premium Retro League Season 4 Champion! Ice led the Boston Bruins to the Title defeating @corbettkb and the NY Rangers 4 Games to 1. Bobby Orr scored the Stanley Cup Winner in OT! Congrats Ice!
  12. This is fairly easy to do. I have made 4 and 8 team playoff brackets for my Historic Roms. Just make a blank blue banner that matches the background of the playoff tree. I also have no idea what Game of Thrones is......
  13. More like 12 seconds, but it was actually very euphoric. I was knocked out twice playing football and once by a punch. Not pleasant, Hurt going out, Hurt waking up, Hurt day later. This was different, actually nice.
  14. CoachMac

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    Brad Park Player Card
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    That rom is a beauty @kingraph especially love the Oilers Oil drop logo! One old timer mistake. Brad Park's picture is of his stay at home partner Arnie Brown. I probably gave you the wrong location.
  16. Very Cool! Huge Congrats on this! I am a big fan of VG. My favorite T-shirt of they make.
  17. For Immediate Release Carson High Teachers Fly with Blue Angels Minden, Nev. (Oct. 10, 2018) — Two Carson High School teachers, Billy McHenry, Math and Entrepreneurship, and Matt Morgan, AP U.S. History, were nominated by their peers as Blue Angels' Key Influencers: people who help to shape attitudes and opinions of youth in their community. As part of the honor, this morning they both had the opportunity to fly tandem with the US Navy’s Lieutenant Commander Andre Webb, pilot of the No. 7 Blue Angels F/A – 18 Hornet. Both McHenry and Morgan felt the need…the need for speed!…after donning flight-jumpsuits and undergoing the pre-flight briefing. After strapping in to the five-point safety restraint system and properly fitted with a “Maverick or Goose” semblance helmet and visor, the two teachers each gave a thumbs up as the canopy of the cockpit closed and the supersonic, twin-engines flared loudly. Following the vertical takeoff, a few barrel rolls, a couple hard-banked 2-G turns, a 7-G bank and more than 45 minutes of flight over Tahoe, Carson City and Minden, the two teachers were less than thrilled to admit who lost their lunch and who passed out. The teachers were first nominated by their colleagues as teacher(s) of the month at Carson High School during the 2017-2018 school year. Being selected to fly in a jet with a Blue Angels pilot was, in their words, a chance of a lifetime. “We are fortunate to have teachers like Mr. McHenry and Mr. Morgan,” said Richard Stokes, superintendent for the Carson City School District. “They each provide valuable and dynamic support to both the administrative teams at the High School as well as the students they inspire and help each day.” The high school made the Blue Angels’ Key Influencers announcement to the school in the library Tuesday morning. The flights were offered Wednesday morning at the Minden-Tahoe Airport. The Blue Angels will later deliver a presentation about their “Culture of Excellence” at Carson High School this Friday morning from 8:30-9:15 in the big gym. Below are individual bios of both teachers to outline why they were selected for this honor. Billy McHenry has been teaching and coaching for 27 years. While always dedicated to working in the classroom, he has dedicated thousands of hours outside the classroom as a coach and advisor. He taught 6th grade for four years. He taught high school math for 16 years. He has been teaching Entrepreneurship at the high school for the last 7 years. He was the Carson High School Teacher of the Year for 2007. One reason he received that award was his work with students to help them pass the Math High School Proficiency Exam. He is credited with helping hundreds of students obtain their high school diploma that would not have earned it without his support and instruction in his proficiency math class. For the last 7 years he has been running the business classes at Carson High School. During that time, he has been the Future Business Leaders of America Advisor. He also created, organized, and ran the Carson High Shark Tank Competition. In this competition Carson High School students are required to create a business plan or product and sell it to a panel of community members. This competition has been a huge success and has resulted in Carson High School students competing at the state and national level in business competitions. He has been a football coach for 24 years of the 27 years that he has been teaching. He has coached at all levels and has a reputation as a fiery leader that inspires his players to work hard. Despite the different ability levels of his players, he has made sure that no single player was more important than the team. Players that work hard were given the opportunity to play despite physical limitations. He demands hard work and effort and the players respond to his expectations. Over the last 5 years he has been one of the Alpine Ski coaches at Carson High School. He coached track for 10 years. He has been an advisor for Fellowship of Christian Athletes for 20 years. In 2007, he was the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Coach of the Year. As the Carson High School Entrepreneurship Teacher he strives to bring community business leaders into the classroom, so that his students see what it takes to be successful in business today. He guides and inspires students to create their own business plans. He teaches students about personal finance and helps them create budgets to create fiscally responsible young adults. He has taught students that have gone on to compete at national competitions for Future Business Leaders of America. He is passionate about business and inspires his students to go further than just the classroom. He was selected as the Northern Nevada Junior Achievement Teacher of the Year because of his dedication and ability to inspire youth. He was one of nine teachers out of a staff of more than 100 teachers to earn teacher of the month at Carson High School during the 2017-2018 school year.
  18. I have been selected as the Nevada Teacher who will fly with the Blue Angels! Next Wednesday October 10!
  19. Regular Season is over. #1 New York @corbettkb vs #3 Toronto @AtomicRaven #2 Boston @IceStorm70 vs #4 Chicago @MikeGartner22 1 week to complete Semi-Finals, Best of 7. Playoff/Overtime Rom included. NHL'67ot.bin