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  1. To my fellow Nostalgia League players.

    It is with great sadness as I step down as coach of the Boston Bruins. I'd like to thank all the coaches. I had an excellent time while I did play, but my lag problems were just too much for some. I would hate to think that I am taking the fun out of this league for my competitors. With that I give up my spot. My issues with lag are nothing I have control over, and therefore I will also not be joining any other leagues while I live in this arctic region I call home, unless by some miraculous occurance the internet improves. I'm not getting my hopes up.

    Thank you all for the enjoyable time I had while in this league.


    Matthew Boyd

  2. Alrighty. Here's how things are shaping up. I have bad lag sometimes and I'm willing to admit that I don't have the greatest of all connections. Now here's where my problem lies. BSDaemon refuses to play against me due to my occassional lag problems. He says he won't play until I get them fixed. The problem with my connection is not in my computer, it's not even my phone line. It's the internet as a whole in Iqaluit. Now a few people have played through the lag with nary a complaint, except PimpImp, but his is warranted, it was the worst lag I ever suffered. The screen barely moved.

    Now is this going to be a big problem for everyone else or is it just Daemon it truly bothers. Please let me know. I don't want discourage anyone from continuing in this league, with maybe the exception of Daemon. He's not a good sport about anything. He whines when he loses, he brags when he wins. I'm here for fun, and if I'm taking that away from anyone but Daemon, I will gladly withdraw from the league.

    Daemon need not reply to this, anything you say from this point on will be ignored.

  3. Hey dmac,

    I think I know which thread you are referring to. I think there's a misunderstanding. I put you down as a coach but did not give you a team. I haven't assigned teams as they will be drafted by the coaches.

    side note: Being a canuck fan myself I was gonna pick the canucks this season(thinking no one would want them anyways)...assuming pyl85, and bsdaemon didn't select them before me of course....but I think I'll pass on them. I've never seen so many requests to use the canucks...lol.

    I'm surprised at you wanting the Canucks after doing so well with the Kings in your winter league, you had them down the last time we played.

  4. The League was phenomanal. The set-up, the rules everything about the league was a triumph. Save for some players who didn't show up. I mean, I got in a good chunk of games. I had been there since the first, then you have the replacements like Pimp and Zyzzyvas, who came in late and helped out immensely. Then there were the ones that did nothing beneficial. I'd like to consider you league a success, and I'm pretty sure you know who is holding it back from being perfect. No fault of your own at all.

    Maybe next season I'll decide on a good team and win some games. ;)

  5. 01 Best Overall Coach - Auggie

    02 Best Sportsmanship Coach - Zyzzyvas

    03 Best One-Timer Coach - BSDaemon

    04 Best Deke Coach - ThePimpImp

    05 Best Slapshot Coach - ThePimpImp

    06 Best Defensive Coach - stalakosa

    07 Best Offensive Coach - BSDaemon

    08 Most Improved Coach - pyl85

    09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team - Christian

    10 Best Replacement Coach - ThePimpImp

    11 Best Rookie Coach - ThePimpImp

    12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - pyl85

  6. yes you can change your list....however...If you don't care what team you get, I can simply use your pick and give you the best ranked team available at the time of your pick. let me know what you would like to do.

    Sounds fine by me. If it's not my pick, if I let the best team available become mine. I cannot complain about them.

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