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  1. I'm not gonna lie. All this talking about KGMan being the best makes me wanna play him. Hell, I'll even go download the Gen version of 94 right now. And I'm not even doing good in SNES B. But nothing is impossible. Except me winning the league. That seems quite a stretch of a possibility.
  2. Hey guys in SNES B. If you need to play me. I have a day off tomorrow. (Friday November 3rd) And will be logged on most of the day, just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you'd like to make it an even more accurate game/series you could email me at matthew_r_boyd@hotmail.com and send me a time you want to play.
  3. Not only did those two sexy stars get their games in. But they're awesome. I lucked out to get my wins against both. Good games guys. See you in the playoffs. PS: I think they could give some of my fellow capers some good matches.
  4. Do I have Washington? I requested it, but may have missed the post that said I have it. If I do. I want it.
  5. I being in the B league as well see some of the s**t that goes on. Daemon has every right to be upset. Sometimes people do stupid s**t. I wish I had've went west instead of east. Cause he is the most reliable player on the lists I think. He's always online. I wish everyone, including myself, had his dedication to this league.
  6. And I don't think you should. It's hard like I said for me to get my games, unless I missed something in the last two days, and the teams that I need to play in the East are filled by reliable players. I think besides the teams that are no shows, my games consist of 8 that could get done in my conference. Then the one game against the teams in the opposite conference.
  7. I'd love to. However, I'm unsure whether or not either my record or my games played is enough. I'd take Washington no problems too. I'm having a hard time finishing my games in the B League because looking through recent games, only the west is playing, and that doesn't take very many games off my schedule, and most of them are, and quite warranted in doing so, giving preference to teams in their conference. I'm willing to get all my games done, but for the most part no one is on when I am. So this goes to the B leaguers. I'm available most nights. email me with a game time. matthew_r_boyd@hotmail.com
  8. I agree that the people that tried in B should be moved to A next season, because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get even half my games in the first half. And even if I lost every game in A, at least I'd get to play every game. Sounds like a good time to me.
  9. I would rather go with Daemon on this because your setting a limit like that. It's ridiculous. What if I cannot find people to play games with, such as the ones who have 0 played, what if because of those I don't meet up to the number N. I'm SOL, because you set a limit. If you're going to punish people punish the ones who didn't try. Don't allow them to play next time. Peace!!
  10. I think it is quite funny, that currently at a 1-8-0 record, I am in 3rd in the conference. But I'm thinking on something. Should I not be second (still finding this funny) because of ranking first in the division. No don't take this the wrong way. I know I'm at the losing end of a lot of stuff, but is this not funny?!
  11. I've been trying and trying to get people to play me.....Everytime I'm online, either everyone is busy, or the just don't answer.....I've got 4 of 20 games done for the first half. How am I supposed to get the other 16 done if no one plays? Email me at matthew_r_boyd@hotmail.com or mattman_mrb@yahoo.ca or talk to me on AIM.
  12. While the title may be misleading due to the fact that I lost. The game itself went off without out a hitch. And well I may have been on the losing end of the game itself.....At least I broke the glass.
  13. Hey any guys in the SNES B league waiting for a chance at Toronto. You will have to wait until at least late next week. My controller broke and I need to get hooked up with a new one. So I'll gather the materials necessary tomorrow and get on it ASAP. Play ya soon..... Mattman (AIM = DrakhanRahl)
  14. I've actually played The Deer before....So does that count or should I play another?
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