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  1. I've reworked my team preference. Since I was out early, I've been playing exhibition games with different teams. I've found one I like.

    1. New York......Islanders (I liked the way they handled. I wish they had more to work with when there are penalties or injuries, but what can you do)

    2. Pittsburgh

    3. Montreal

    4. Detroit

    5. NYR

    6. Edmonton

    7. Chicago

    8. Toronto

    I hope I don't need more. Hopefully my record allows me a first pick, plus I don't see anyone going after the Islanders anytime soon.

  2. Sorry, you didn't specify what league you were in or what team you are, we'll give you the FF wins instead, but it's not really going to change much about the playoff seeding.

    May not change anything, but it'll make me feel better. :lol: Sorry for the lack of info on my part. I am a little slow.

  3. I'm unsure how FFs versus DNPs works. Can someone high up possible verify how it works? ThePimpImp explained it but I'd rather here it officially, no offense to Pimp. But if what he says is right, i should be looking at 3 FF wins. The DNPs against Detroit could go either way as far as I'm concerned. And the idea that NYR got so many extra points FFs astounds me to no end. Frankly, I just don't like the guy. He's a bragger when he wins, and from what I hear a bit of a sore loser as well. And barely was he around anyways. I count myself lucky(in one sense of the word) that I got my games against him.

  4. I need Phillie and Detroit to finish my games. 3 games and 4 games respectively. Phillie just is never around, when I see him on, I get no response. Not getting the games in against Detroit is my bad though. He was ready to play, but I was getting help from Schwartz so that my connection would be easier. So I feel quite justified in not be available for that. It added ease to the games I played afterwards.

  5. Just in case this doesn't get logged... LA beat the Rangers 6-5 after coming back from a 5-3 deficit with less than 2 minutes left in regulation.

    Rangers coach says I somehow cheated and that he won't log the game, and he signed off before I could get a word in. I don't know how I could have cheated but I've been accused. I'd love to see the sore losing come to an end here. You know, I've lost overtime games with less than ten seconds to go, and other games I could have won had it not been for my own lousy performance. But you man up, shake your opponent's hand, and say good job. That's all.

    I don't like name-calling or making things public, but I won't be accused of cheating. I won this game fair and square. Tell me, Rangers, how did I cheat?

    I may have gotten him for you with this. I refuse to log my games with hime until he confirms yours.

  6. C'mon guys in SNES B. Post availability. I especially want my games against Phillie, NY Rangers, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. I have at least three games against those teams. The only other games I need besides those four teams is one against both Vancouver and LA. And finishing off my series against Boston, only have two of those games left.

    And a note to anyone that could possible help me with my setup, I can only connect to people, no one can connect to me. How do I fix this? I would like to be a more efficient player.

  7. I'd be able to get all 40+ games in as well. My biggest issue with getting games now is that whenever I see someone on, no one answers me. Plus, I know I can keep up with at least three of the players in the 'A' league. I've played them before, and heck, I even beat one of them a couple times. And he was the spring season's runner up. :D Ain't that right Terry?

  8. Hey guys in SNES B. If you need to play me. I have a day off tomorrow. (Friday November 3rd) And will be logged on most of the day, just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you'd like to make it an even more accurate game/series you could email me at matthew_r_boyd@hotmail.com and send me a time you want to play.

  9. I being in the B league as well see some of the s**t that goes on. Daemon has every right to be upset. Sometimes people do stupid s**t. I wish I had've went west instead of east. Cause he is the most reliable player on the lists I think. He's always online. I wish everyone, including myself, had his dedication to this league.

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