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    • Triple Play Baseball -- Rosters, Stats -- SEGA 

    If you could do an updated roster/ graphics for either Triple Play game, I'd be very grateful! I can't even find a good dump of those 2 games. They all are messed up when you try and play a season. 



  1. Bottoming out the Defence rating might work. I noticed that maxing it out made teams absurdly good on defence but it didn't seem to effect when they headed back. That actually seems to be triggered by the defensive team gaining control of the puck, even the goalie. Likely I need to find the line of code that triggers the switch and see if I can add a small delay to it.

    As for the trapezoid, the rink isn't compressed, however the tiles are repeated in such a way that I can't simply redraw them without changing which tiles are used where. This isn't all that complicated, however it is time consuming and I currently don't know how to do it, so I will be saving it for the NHL 98 hack.

    I hope you can figure out that defence issue. Would be neat to modify it.