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  1. Still play all the Hitz games. They are so much fun. Hitz Pro goalies and scoring are the best ever.
  2. Great stuff. Nice work man.
  3. Glad it's working. Love your swiss updates. I still have your site bookmarked.
  4. Is it the newer version? Not the original release?
  5. New 'OLD' Features. LOL Everything moves so clunky and clumsy. Yes they do look quite nice though. Plays like ass though. I can't get into the newer games.
  6. Still love this game. 92-95 are my favs. 96-98 are pretty decent too. They all have pretty cool elements to them. Too bad we couldn't combine the best parts of each. WOW - imagine that?!
  7. Played with and met too many to list. Probably best story for this board was while playing in OHL we used to skip school and play NHLPA 93 tournaments (with Steve Sullivan and Dan Cloutier and other rookies like myself) at Sully's house across the street from our high school.
  8. Nice man. I'd like to use it. Would you mind sharing it when done? I'm actually playing and hacking again. Been well over a year. Have been through hell and back during that time.
  9. mack

    Goalie Question

    Could you further explain this please.
  10. I like like you. More than a friend.
  11. Wow, looks fantastic bro!!! Best of luck with everything. How did you manage 0-15 scale for ratings? Very cool.
  12. mack

    Editor v0.8.1

    I get the same error. Downloaded that file that was mentioned earlier that is needed too.
  13. Looks great. Great job man. Looking forward to trying it out.
  14. looks awesome man. Congrats. Hope I can get around to playing it in the next week or two [or three...]
  15. Just ordered 4 louisville rubber shafts online - only they are stiff not x-stiff - hopefully they do the job! Might have to get a mackdaddy though as I am the mackdunnie
  16. Are they good? I need a super stiff shaft [insert your gay comment here] Most sticks are too whippy
  17. Louisville TPS Rubber Shaft. Used it for last 9 years but they don't make them anymore and I'm down to my last one. I've ordered about 16 offline over the years but my suppliers have none left.
  18. mack

    NHLPA 93

    NHL Hitz Pro for the PS2 can be very easy if you play it arcade style. You can make it much more sim like too with options and sliders. The best hockey game for the PS2!
  19. So it can do custom player pics or it will in the future? Sorry It's Friday and I'm tired.
  20. This would have saved me about 50 hours a few years ago. I was using some snes color editor and literally doing trial and error for colors of everything. Very cool.
  21. Ha, I know I haven't been around much. Had a crazy winter. Teammate died, had third son, sold our house, bought a bigger house, fixing up the house, working three jobs blah blah blah. Playing 93 and 94 with my four year old. So much fun. He just runs the goalie and crashes the net. He is getting the hang of it.