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  1. Awesome start man. Keep it going.
  2. Very cool. Looking forward to trying this. Off to bed for now.
  3. Open in NOSE - Select Rom from the headings at top - apply hack - free bytes - then try both available options. I know they work for 92 if that's what you're looking for.
  4. Fights after the whistles are a very cool though. And it's slightly tougher to score, more posts and less goalies way out of position.
  5. Maybe it's just how often the players will try to bodycheck?
  6. There were no names in 91 or 92.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't being a jerk when I said that, just pointing it out. I was hoping it would be better than what it was.
  8. Thanks as always Tony. Gonna try that no airborne puck one. No pucks over the glass sounds nice. EDIT: It sucks - the shots are sooooo weak.
  9. mack


    The good thing now is it's not like you can hammer the AI with hits now so you have to actually play more D. That's my opinion anyways.
  10. No I played 2000 and 2001. Sabercats and Condors. Looking forward to it. Haven't heard Bakersfield Fog in quite some time. Awesome.
  11. mack


    Works fine for me. I have to be honest, I am really enjoying this game ight now. The season mode I wish 93 had. I took 90% of the speed burst away and it plays much harder as you can't just knock the AI of the puck like before.
  12. Very nice man. Looks like you've put a lot of work into it.
  13. He did have an assist in the game. He can't do everything.
  14. mack


    I want to update this very soon. At least it has a built in season. I've had some fun with this too.
  15. Maybe he was on a cold streak when you ran into him.
  16. I'm in. So what are the sleeping arrangements at the cottage?
  17. The template is not mine to give and I don't even have a final version.
  18. For those that are interested. It's been coming along slower than hoped but it's tough finding time right now. Kids, wife, work and golfing [plus my crappy allergies] has hindered my time. ALso the free agency this is coming up so guys will be moving aorund again so just watch for it sometime this summer and an update for the start of next season after that. Sounds fair I think. Just found out my third kid will be a boy as well. The hat trick!
  19. mack

    Nhl 08?

    Please don't bring this up. Please. Jrodimus was quoting a former member.
  20. Sorry my allergies [which came out of nowhere 2 years ago] are kicking my ass bad right now so outside of getting my work done on the computer I have to give my eyes rest so I fell a little behind schedule. It's is very close still but go outside and enjoy the summer.
  21. So what's up with the sound effects and music etc....?
  22. The name doesn't ring a bell. I played there in 2000-2001. My wife and I still think of moving back there.