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  1. I'd love to see this rom too. Played in the playoffs for Tacoma one year and Bakersfield Cali the next season.
  2. Ouch, a little uncalled for. Sorry where did you play...?
  3. Looking forward to this. I played for Wichita and Tulsa of this league.
  4. Great. A few things left to do. Happy Fathers Day all! [like me]
  5. That looks about right. I think the team name would be SSM though.
  6. Well said. I agree, he had a pretty good shot.
  7. OH man, why did you have to say that. You have no idea how much he has done for this whole scene. He just gets tired of answering the same questions over and over and over because people won't do a simple search. Great first post on the forums. Wonder what your alter ego on the forums is.
  8. Yeah I'll get some up this weekend. Watch my site. 77- a basic template might come from wboy. He is the only reason I am able to release a complete and awesome 93 hack. As for eyes and stick, I'll have to ask clocker and some other fine members who have added cool parts to hacks. I would love to do that though.
  9. This might be a dumb question but you are loading snes version of NHL94 with the SNES emulator?
  10. Stay tuned.... it's coming very soon. Get ready to bleed
  11. I can honestly say it was a draw. [sidenote - he hits very hard]
  12. Well I didn't go looking for it, he started it.
  13. Hmmm, So I did, I don't remember him in the slightest. Played with a lot of tough guys. Strongest, toughest guy I fought was Jovanovski in Junior.
  14. Changed names, numbers, height, weight, stats, visor and shirt tuck etc...
  15. Cool keep us updated. Triple Play just amuses me. Guys scratching and spittin and fans hanging over the wall to make catches. Just awesome.
  16. I wish he would too. Hope you can resolve your problems.
  17. I have fooled around with Interplay Baseball 2000 for PS1 and NHL Hitz Pro for PS2. Triple Play 96 for genesis too.
  18. I Did? I don't remember..... where?
  19. Don't think so.I have a modded ps2.
  20. Awesome, I was really looking forward to the mid 80's ones.
  21. Again, my apologies. Been real busy with work things. 3rd child is on the way too. I'll do my best though. P.S. - Been playing a ton of nhl hitz pro on ps2 lately. Figured out how to edit that game too.
  22. It would be way easier if you had a modded ps2 to just use 'pgen'. A genesis emulator for modded ps2 and play the original or updated roms on that.