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  1. I Did? I don't remember..... where?
  2. Don't think so.I have a modded ps2.
  3. Awesome, I was really looking forward to the mid 80's ones.
  4. Again, my apologies. Been real busy with work things. 3rd child is on the way too. I'll do my best though. P.S. - Been playing a ton of nhl hitz pro on ps2 lately. Figured out how to edit that game too.
  5. It would be way easier if you had a modded ps2 to just use 'pgen'. A genesis emulator for modded ps2 and play the original or updated roms on that.
  6. How goes it? Greta season league. How did you set up your season site? PHP obviously - care to share the script or whatever it uses.
  7. Awesome concept. The bar looks like a hole. I remember a bar in university having nhl 93 and 94 set up at some tables.
  8. mack

    Johan who?

    Johan FTW. He's gettting a 99 rating.
  9. Seriously that was sweet.
  10. mack

    Smell the Glove

    Oh Clocker I love your sense of humour. That looks like the goal I have on my site. The play of the month only mine was from in tighter.
  11. I don't have an Olympic Rom so no problem here.
  12. The refs have been horrible in the playoffs. Last night was a prime example.
  13. Just curious what a vanilla Rom is?
  14. It's a little more complicated than that. I hate to put WBOY on the spot, but you could PM him and ask for some help. He did the Genesis Editor. My apologies to WBOY in advance. [*not a knock on you shaft - just between WBOY and me]
  15. I'm sorry, it's not ready yet. I have been swamped lately with life and really have had no time for vids in general. I'll keep trying though.
  16. Download Wboy's editor called NOSE. Open the 93 rom with it. Make a backup first then have fun trying it out. It's very easy.
  17. "I'm about to do my thing with the thing"
  18. mack

    Playoff Races

    C'mon Caps. I want OV in the playoffs.
  19. Uncalled for Wags. He killed my buddy so lets not go there.
  20. Should have him listed as band-aid.
  21. Yes, this is annoying as crap. It's a ridiculous amount of topics to filter through.