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  1. Great Rom Sabres. And nice of you slapshot to host it.
  2. Sorry bud. Been a busy week with playoffs and my b-day. I used a SNES color palette editor. Try doing a search for now. That and a whole lot of hex editing. It was a real pain. I'll try and dig up more.
  3. Neat idea with the template rating system. Good luck with everything.
  4. Awesome brother. Hook me up. I'll send you my latest.
  5. Cool clocker, keep us updated
  6. I'm a tree you bastard. Firefighter / Graphic Designer
  7. I actually used both hex editing and a program [can't even remember the name of it] that edited snes colors. I'll have to go dig up some old notes for more help.
  8. I haven't seen malachku in a long time. I've been wanting to talk with him too but even his oshlhockey site is down. Hope he's alright.
  9. that a near Ghostbusters quote?.......classic
  10. A guy on my team was a Red Bull rep and did this twice. Said it was a blast but very hard. He took along another teammate the second time who spilled everytime he tried going down.
  11. Hey now, it's open for long peiods of time. I take it down from time to time because the bandwidth and visitors is crazy some months. I am always available by email if someone is looking for an old hack too. [which happens on a weekly basis] Plus being a graphic designer I like working on my site very year. Good practice.
  12. Yeah, wboy already bugged me about not knowing what this was. I should actually pick one up.
  13. What is a wacom stylus?
  14. The sig needs to be bigger. [i kid I kid..] Welcome Al. Is your daughter home?
  15. Yes, white masks. Perhaps the skates and hair could be a little more brownish then?
  16. I would love nothing more than to release my 93 hack. However, I too need to rely on others as I am not capable of everything nor do I know how or have the time to do everything. In saying that, everyone has a life so I require patience on my end as I wait on others who thankfully will take some of their free time to help me and in turn help others. All I can say for now. Have patience - I have to. and Happy New Year
  17. Yeah they take out all kinds of cool crap and put in gimmicks and other crap. I do remember nhl 98 being a huge step up on the ps1. I still have 99 which is a fairly decent game. Anyone have 98 that could make an iso of it?
  18. It's coming. I've been swamped with work and family and hockey. Trying to get on the local police force too so I've been doing testing etc.. [if I get on , you get good time off so I might actually get some hacking done] How are the player cards coming?
  19. mack


    ...and sadly it reasons like this that I don't join a league. It's just a game guys. Relax and have fun with it.