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  1. Great stuff from RC69Fab. Have to say, most of those posts were hit by Pittsburgh, with their relentless attack. Took me three games to get my defense under control, but the series was dramatic all the way through. Pens struck for four second-period goals in Game 1 to erase a 3-1 Habs lead, and the overtime win in Game 2 was a pivotal point in the series. Again, congrats to the Pens and their gentlemanly manager who's brought a lot of class, energy, and talent to our league as a replacement coach.
  2. I'd be interested in taking over for San Jose, but given my small background (only one season) I would be more interested in joining SNES B if Pittsburgh isn't playing their games. Aug
  3. Wow this is great stuff, guys. Thanks for the interest. Perhaps we can implement this stat-keeping system in the Fall SNES League.
  4. Would someone please confirm me since I've played successfully connected games with c4outlaws? Thanks guys! Aug
  5. Halifax... thanks! I'll be doing more commentary as soon as I get the software installed on my laptop. Any chance you could play a game soon and confirm my connection?
  6. Hey, it's been a while, but I've come back to NHL '94. Can I play an SNES test game? Thanks guys. AIM: MikeAuggie email: Auggiemike@hotmail.com
  7. Guys, is there a way to make the same stat extractor or uploading system that exists for the Sega version of the game for SNES saved game states? I'd be interested in including such a system for leagues down the road, as well as for personal use. Aug
  8. 01 Best Overall Coach - Zyzzyvas 02 Best Sportsmanship Coach - Zyzzyvas 03 Best One-Timer Coach - BSDaemon 04 Best Deke Coach - Skipper 05 Best Slapshot Coach - ThePimpImp 06 Best Defensive Coach - stalakosa 07 Best Offensive Coach - BSDaemon 08 Most Improved Coach - BSDaemon 09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team - PaulCoffeeSon 10 Best Replacement Coach - Zyzzyvas 11 Best Rookie Coach - stalakosa 12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - PaulCoffeeSon
  9. What are we thinking about the SNES B conference semifinals? Setar has every series going 6 or 7 games. Is there that much parity in the league? I'm anxious to see how Calgary-Chicago turns out as well---not only because I have a chance to play the winner should I win my series. Those are two great players, and their season series was a roller coaster. Blowouts wins to cancel each other out. The LA-Dallas series is interesting because, while LA took the season series, the Kings never played Dallas under hokkeefan's tutelege. How about your thoughts, guys?
  10. how will we log games / keep track of standings? do you have anything in mind for that? it would be sick to get an automatic stat tracker like the gens league will have... maybe that's a bit too wishful at the moment.
  11. sounds great to me. one problem with this league is that too many teams make the playoffs, and regular season games don't count as much because you're not fighting for a spot in the playoffs.
  12. Halifax, my team list: Montreal LA Kings Chicago I'm third so you should be good there. Thanks, Aug
  13. You got me as well. How do I sign up?
  14. Just in case this doesn't get logged... LA beat the Rangers 6-5 after coming back from a 5-3 deficit with less than 2 minutes left in regulation. Rangers coach says I somehow cheated and that he won't log the game, and he signed off before I could get a word in. I don't know how I could have cheated but I've been accused. I'd love to see the sore losing come to an end here. You know, I've lost overtime games with less than ten seconds to go, and other games I could have won had it not been for my own lousy performance. But you man up, shake your opponent's hand, and say good job. That's all. I don't like name-calling or making things public, but I won't be accused of cheating. I won this game fair and square. Tell me, Rangers, how did I cheat?
  15. A classic game between Auggie and newcomer Zyzzyvas is now available on Youtube home entertainment: Watching the game in order from 1st to 3rd period is highly recommended. 1st period: 2nd period: 3rd period: Enjoy! Zyzzyvas, great games man! -Auggie
  16. A classic game between Auggie and newcomer Zyzzyvas is now available on Youtube home entertainment: Watching the game in order from 1st to 3rd period is highly recommended. 1st period: 2nd period: 3rd period: Enjoy! Zyzzyvas, great games man! -Auggie
  17. Well let's at least give frekeazoid the password for Dallas so he can log his games.
  18. The radio gig might be out, schwartz. It's extremely hard to follow the action of something so fast-paced as NHL 94 when you cant see the action. I can't do commentary for radio. But video the commentary sounds and looks great, from my playing with it. Whenever you can, just send me a video file of a game, and I'll make it into a TV-style broadcast. Auggie
  19. Schwartz, if you and Deer can play and record that game in the next day or two and not let me know the results, I'll get in touch with you so I can download that video by Saturday morning. That way 1) I won't need to connect to the net for the game and 2) I don't have to watch it live. See what you guys can do. If it's easier to forget the audio for now, then go ahead, but I'd like it recorded too if you can. Auggie
  20. Vancouver's three-goal third period was not enough to propel them to a win over first-place Los Angeles on Tuesday night. The Kings took a slot-position shot to win 5-4, two minutes into overtime. Entering the third period, the Kings led 3-1. Thirteen seconds later they extended it to 4-1 on a faceoff-to-one-timer goal. Vancouver stepped it up from there, scoring three goals in the next four minutes to tie the game. Kings (19-4) coach Auggie was pleased with his team's resiliency. "All that matters when it comes down to it is the win," he said. "We'll iron out the wrinkles of losing focus during the third period in practice. Trust me, they'll be doing some sprints." Overall, the Vancouver erased 3-0 and 4-1 LA leads but couldn't eke out the victory. "The Canucks just dominated us in the third with timely passing and some of our own medicine," said Auggie, referring to the Canucks' splendid one-timer to make it 4-2 and a deke move to cut the lead in half. Some lagging problems suspended the rest of the four-game series until a later date.
  21. If you pre-recorded the game and sent it to me, I wouldn't need an Internet connection right then and there during the show! What a great idea! I also wouldn't necessitate audio per se... though in the long run I would dub my commentary over the video so the game audio would be nice to have. But, would I not be able to watch a game? We could connect together and I'd be the "third controller" but keep my controller in the center when you pick teams... would this work as well, so I could call the action live if I do get a connection to the net in the studio?
  22. There is only one problem I can foresee with my plan to broadcast a league game. Any game played on my laptop (just me and the computer) would be safe since it requires no Internet connection. However, the radio tower is not known for its sturdy wireless Internet connectivity (thought almost every other part of ND's campus is great with this). I've gotten reception there once that I can remember, and I've done about ten shows this year. I'd have to get the Internet connection right in front of the microphone as well, so I'll either have to find a plug somewhere close or hope the wireless is working well that day. Before too late this week, I'll look into finding a place to plug in. If not, maybe I'll just experiment with a me vs. computer game this Saturday until I can be sure I can get a nice Internet connection. I'll keep you guys posted. -Aug
  23. I'd like to get the first Saturday Morning Hockey game aired this week around 8:30 EST. I've heard there's one more SNES A League match-up for Hartford and The Deer's team. What do you guys think?
  24. I have a few shows during the week at Notre Dame's student-run radio station at 88.9 in South Bend, IN. Before my Saturday morning show from 9-11 am EST I thought it would be cool to do play-by-play for some NHL 94 league games, especially the playoffs. Would anyone be interested in waking up early and playing around 8 or 8:30? I would play and call the game as if it were real while letting anyone listening know the true implications of the game (that it's really NHL 94 video game playoffs, etc.). This is not during normal broadcast hours, so it won't interfere with my 9-11 show, though we'd have to be done playing by 9 am EST. I would record the broadcast on my laptop, so this would be a great way to track the season's top notch games. Also, I can provide the online site with an MP3 of each game recorded for players and fans to hear. Let me know what you think of this endeavor... especially as the playoffs approach. It would be sweet to get some of the finals recorded. I'm in the SNES B league, so that suits my fancy best. But I'd be willing to watch SNES A playoff games and call those as well. Thanks, Auggie
  25. Have some experience with this stuff... hopefully you'll see me on NBC doing commentary for Irish games someday.
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