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  1. Craig signed with Italian League team HC Neumarkt-Egna: http://www.hc-neumarkt.com/de/news/news/3-serie-a2/399-mike-craig-heisst-der-naechste-sensationstransfer-fuer-die-wild-goose.html
  2. This is pretty sick...can't wait to try it out.
  3. Miroslav Satan: Salsa Ran Vomit
  4. Joe Sakic: A sic joke Peter Forsberg: Bro Ferret Pegs Tony Hrkac: Cranky Hot Igor Larionov: Rival Goo Iron (lol)
  5. Nice job! You might want to add Adam Foote - QUE since he was left off the Nordiques rosters in the real NHL 94.
  6. The Pickering Orbiters select Sidney Crosby with their 1st round pick
  7. Pickering Orbiters Colour: Lime, lime, lime, black, and lime...and black helmets. EDIT: okay maybe some red in there too...
  8. Haha, I always thought I was the last person on earth that used AOL mail
  9. I was thinking more like a text chat group, not a voice chat group.
  10. How many of you guys here have Skype? Would be cool to have a 94 discussion group Mine is kp44avs btw
  11. Yeah, plus a lot of these countries are colonies of other countries.
  12. Do people in Comoros even know what hockey is?
  13. There's actually a 94 mod for 04 in progress
  14. Holy crap, that looks amazing!
  15. If they made it so that it could also be done with Xbox 360/PS3...that would be worth buying.
  16. I'd like to request a SNES test game.
  17. PIZZA!

    NHL 96 Website

    Probably, but could you help set it up. With the leagues and stuff. I'll make you an admin on NHL 96.com. Perhpas you can get it it's own domain.
  18. PIZZA!

    NHL 96 Website

    www.nhl96.com Hey guys, I made an NHL 96 website. Enjoy and join the website! If it's in the game, it's in the game!
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