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  1. i did that with my old phone.. but i don't have that function on my blackberry ... you think for a f**king amazing phone that does pretty much everything... u can't even record sounds ... brutal!!!
  2. Anyone know where i can get NHL 94 or NHL 95 ringtones????
  3. I AM BACK and ready for action..... hope everyone had a good holiday season!
  4. this week has been crazy... probably the same for most of u.. with christmas and friends home.... Today is my bday and we are going to vegas til saturday... sooo I will be out of commish ti'l then.. i am sorry... I love this league.. and i love playing and most of the guys know i will play whenever and i love it.... soo i hope u can keep me in it .... when i come back , i'll be good to play whenever...... Happy Holidays and have a great new years!!! Pilon747
  5. hey guys..... Sorry i haven't been around this week to play games.. busy times with work and family and friends....i will be back and ready to play games on the 26th....... Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone and their loved ones Jason
  6. I must say... after takin the guys to Europe for Pre Season... they didn't show any signs of fatigue... a great game played between Ottawa and Toronto... with Toronto coming out on top in overtime... back and forth action kept the fans on the edges of their seats.... I must say though... the Schedule makers must not of been happy with Toronto because a 4 game road trip to start the year.... actually it could be more don't know what day 3 has for us... but i great start to the road trip and a great start to the season. Great game Ottawa!!
  7. why wouldn't u expect NY Iles to beat buff....... i beat him all year... i had his number... just like Ny Rangers have my number... u might wanna change ur prediction to ny rangers in 4 or 5....... well at least i would.. hahaha... Glen Healy is already planning his summer vacation
  8. Toronto Maple Leafs Line up starters LW Esa Tikkanen C Mike Modano RW Mark Messier LD James Patrick RD Steve Smith G John Blue Bench warmers LW Bobby Holik C Alexander Semak RW Joe Murphy LD Sergei Zubov RD Todd Gill G Robb Stauber
  9. hahahahhaha alll this thread reminds me of is COLLEGE FOOTBALL BCS RATINGS hahahahhahaha WOOHOOOOO BUCKEYES......... HAHAHAH ANN ARBOR IS STILL A WHORE!
  10. 01 Best Overall Coach - Marq 02 Best Sportsmanship Coach - Jacob 03 Best One-Timer Coach - Jacob 04 Best Deke Coach - Hokkeefan 05 Best Slapshot Coach - Newjerseykillers 06 Best Defensive Coach - Cash Money 07 Best Offensive Coach - addisonbr 08 Most Improved Coach - Wilsonfest 09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team - Brent 10 Best Replacement Coach - Newjerseykillers 11 Best Rookie Coach - Cash Money 12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - Jerome
  11. The County

    Draft round 5

    The Toronto Maple Leafs are Proud to select in the 5th round..... from Winnipeg, MAN James Patrick
  12. hey man... i loved the pre playoff insight....... but where's the post playoff insight especially after a 7 game series!
  13. The County

    Draft Round 4

    ]the toronto maple leafs are proud to select with their fourth round pick.... from Glasgow, Scotland............ STEVE SMITH as the crowd starts booing as they wanted dave elliot
  14. The County

    Draft Round 3

    In the Third Round..... the Toronto Maple Leafs are proud to Select from Edmonton, Alberta..... Mark "moose" Messier and with that... The Maple Leafs are proud to be giving the "C" to one of the best Captians in history of hockey.....