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  1. Sorry Halifax. Bure set the tone and I never get an early pick. I gotta go with the Bruins. My bad
  2. stheds2000

    SDL 4 lines

    Thanks Bob. Toronto 1st line Lw LaFontaine C oates Rw kristich Ld Duchesne Rd ellet G Vernon Extra ruttuu 2nd line Lw ruttuu C Juneau Rw andreychuk Ld macoun Rd niedermayer
  3. stheds2000

    SDL 4 lines

    I don't know my last picks they were auto picked
  4. If sign up is still on put me down for the leafs
  5. I'm leaving my comfort zone. I'll take Snes A Washington
  6. What a tournament. So much fun. Very close throughout the whole tournament. I still can't believe I came back to win it. Thanks Halifax for organizing it. Shout out to angry Jay for making the trip and of course the90jacket for a legendary final.
  7. SNES A Round 2 Game 1: Chi 4 - Pitt 3 Game 2: Chi 4 - Pitt 1 Game 3: Pitt 3 - Chi 0 Game 4: Pitt 6 - Chi 5 (OT) Game 5: Chi 4 - Pitt 5 Game 6: Pitt 4 - Chi 3 (OT) Pitt wins series. Great series cjgar. Very close. Sorry you broke your controller mid series.
  8. Good to see the passion is still in the game. Great season
  9. Yeah it was Pittsburgh. Scores are correct except the 4-3 was in ot
  10. Tuesday sounds good but I probably won't be online until 8pm pacific. I will let you know closer to the day.
  11. I think everybody maybe should calm down. Bure: I never said i would be there yesterday, I said Sunday. Anyways I also sent you a facebook message, so see you Sunday. I will be on all day. I showed up everytime Fenty said we could play and he would disappear. Sorry that I am not on AIM 24/7 my fault.