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  1. my goodness...i should check my germany we call it: "Tomaten auf den Augen" :D :D found this thread, but didn´t look exactly....just read some words....blablabla...that´s not im looking for... but now... Have tried it, this is great, that´s what i need Thank´s a lot so i have a lot of work to do
  2. Hy guys, i´ve no idea, if someone still plays this game or even is interested in.... After spending some time to search an editor for NHL 95(PC)...this is my last try. Maybe you can help me. I only could find cheats or a lot of stuff for the GEN/SNES version...unfortunately not for the PC version. (search via google, i checked all the links...nothing) I remember that i had an editor for all older NHL titles (94,95,96,97) - but thats years ago. If someone has an editor for this great game, pls upload it here for me. I´ve a lot of work to do Thx