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  1. If I can get through the 1st series my odds would still be probably 15:1 given a roughly 1:4 chance against the opposing teams which seems about right in my head. So I would never bet myself at +3000.
  2. Hey @kingraph, Since we end up on the same side of the bracket all the time, switch up the tiebreaker and give me some @Uncle Seth. Or maybe I catch @Scribe99. Given last time was a close one, unlike every other time it is boring playing the same playoff series over and over.
  3. who are these A league coaches? sign me up...
  4. kylewat

    ETB F/D Trades

    To Leif Makarov for Bondra
  5. Vancouver c hogue lw bondra rw mOgilny ld iafarte rd gagner X ricci 2nd line C mogilny lw hogue rw ricci rd zelepukin ld zelepukin
  6. Been waiting for this my whole life. There’s only a few d men I want at forward but my goodness the d possibilities are endless. and I assume we declare what position we want after the draft?
  7. here's a better question; why when I win the faceoff back does it go to the left side of the screen d man and doesn't mirror image the up down? I still think there is something to the faceoff that is mostly but not entirely random.
  8. I don't understand. I normally have my RW as the backup on the 2nd lines? C Sundin LW Carson RW Laffy LD Suter RD Ellet Xtra attacker: Linden First Forward Sub: Linden First Defensive Sub: Olausson Goalie: Hextall
  9. @superfan99 you had a knowledge of the game I found utterly surprising! I don’t know how he amassed this knowledge but he had lots of tricks up his sleeve. He even did the @IceStorm70/ @HABS special cross crease pass shot.
  10. I need some Jimmy Carson in my team. LA Kings
  11. LW John Mwhatever C Yzerman RW Benoit LD Ellet RD Coffey G Barrasso
  12. I essentially agree with IceStorm's ideal team. I like my wingers a bit faster than my center unless it is Mogilny. I never want a dman with more speed than agility under any circumstances. It makes their turning circles when changing to the backwards skate wider and slower - and that blows. I'll sacrifice stickhandling for passing from my d men as I want the puck out of their hands. I don't really care how much they weigh. Unless you have Bourque or maybe Brown, you should not use the d man for many slappers so who cares about the shot? I mean I'll take a better shot, but I'm not going to use in anything except the most desperate situations. As for his Ice's opinion on stick side, I go back and forth. Passing is definitely crisper from the off stick side but you also have less ability to carry the puck well. I go back and forth on which side to put my guys. Against better players I generally agree with going off stick side. I am an avid stick side deke shooter with a speedster, but against someone with above average defense I don't get many opportunities to do that.