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  1. here's a better question; why when I win the faceoff back does it go to the left side of the screen d man and doesn't mirror image the up down? I still think there is something to the faceoff that is mostly but not entirely random.
  2. I don't understand. I normally have my RW as the backup on the 2nd lines? C Sundin LW Carson RW Laffy LD Suter RD Ellet Xtra attacker: Linden First Forward Sub: Linden First Defensive Sub: Olausson Goalie: Hextall
  3. @superfan99 you had a knowledge of the game I found utterly surprising! I don’t know how he amassed this knowledge but he had lots of tricks up his sleeve. He even did the @IceStorm70/ @HABS special cross crease pass shot.
  4. I need some Jimmy Carson in my team. LA Kings
  5. LW John Mwhatever C Yzerman RW Benoit LD Ellet RD Coffey G Barrasso
  6. I essentially agree with IceStorm's ideal team. I like my wingers a bit faster than my center unless it is Mogilny. I never want a dman with more speed than agility under any circumstances. It makes their turning circles when changing to the backwards skate wider and slower - and that blows. I'll sacrifice stickhandling for passing from my d men as I want the puck out of their hands. I don't really care how much they weigh. Unless you have Bourque or maybe Brown, you should not use the d man for many slappers so who cares about the shot? I mean I'll take a better shot, but I'm not going to use in anything except the most desperate situations. As for his Ice's opinion on stick side, I go back and forth. Passing is definitely crisper from the off stick side but you also have less ability to carry the puck well. I go back and forth on which side to put my guys. Against better players I generally agree with going off stick side. I am an avid stick side deke shooter with a speedster, but against someone with above average defense I don't get many opportunities to do that.
  7. I'm not sure what these posts mean, but here's to KG.
  8. Carson to Zep Damphousse to Aqua
  9. Playing Uncle Seth led me to believe when in doubt CB. Be warned, missing a C/CB check when you are in your zone on defense (not sure if that is correct hockey lingo) often has disastrous consequences.
  10. LW Hogue C Carson RW 99 LD Housley RD Leetch
  11. can someone explain how my guys get taken down from behind? I feel like I'm the one person who doesn't know how to do this. Is it a b check? CB? When I CB someone skating away from me it never works. I also have never witnessed that checking increases the odds of a CB. You'd expect some of the 1 checking guys to suck at CB checks, and I've never noticed that.
  12. kylewat

    Plablegs III Draft

    Muller- please auto draft for me.