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  1. 'Please Deadlines start Sunday at 7est. It will be roughly 3 hours from the last pick.' Way to follow the rules.
  2. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nights 8-11:30 PM
  3. Aggression has to do with computer checking. That's all I really have to say.
  4. What makes the d men rush up the ice and crush the puck handler. I agree about ai and I have railed about it before. I can score 6 maybe 7 a minute at best, but when the computer refuses to give back the puck I am screwed. Is there a hidden stat?
  5. Thanks for the odds Raph. I'll take Tex at +7500. At least by the time I lose any faith in my bet I'll be old an old man.
  6. Good old MIAA. My high school sports league. Baltimore is a Mecca of women's field hockey. The MIAA came about when the public magnet schools broke away from the private and parochial schools which previously formed the MSA. Almost all the private and some public schools are single sex in these parts this why there are different leagues for boys and girls. The MIAA is only boys sports while the IAAM is girls sports. The MIAA is routinely mentioned as the top lacrosse league in the nation, but hockey... Well in Maryland hockey isn't too popular. My wife did play in the ice hockey IAAM league, Go Greyhounds. Beat McDonough.
  7. There is no explanation other than I'm a creature of habit. plus d pads are fickle and this one by and large works well.
  8. I think I was the only person using the original 3 button boat at the live tournament. I actual use a USB SNES controller to play. It kinda blows because it has a turbo option that suddenly turns on at times. Huge disadvantage and costs me goals every now and then. It also sometimes scores a goal by accident as I can suddenly do Seth like quick wrist shots. I really can't recommend it at all. If you get the B button on turbo you can't change to goalie. Really terrible. If you get c on turbo, you can do some sweet checks, but you can't slap shoot. Anyway, maybe one day I'll bring out the ole 3 button, but as it sits I just deal with inconsistency.
  9. Ok so I have had this problem now with three people as of late... I can only think to blame my slick new little router box the LRT214 which looked like quality, or at least gigabit and wired since I have two ceiling WAPs... Anyway, ever since I put that thing in, I have had this problem creep up. It is basically like full on lag mode. It happened against Brutus, SOH, and Beavers. SOH and Beavers used the OLD KAILERRA with P2P and lag disappeared. I turned off the firewall mode. Didn't help. It is only against certain people. If anyone has an idea on how this problem could propulgate, or how I could fix it please let me know. Not sure who I have left but I am around.
  10. Very unfortunate ending. I had a situation in one playoff series where it kept de syncing. Like 5x, I was down by 2 and had to keep adding time to try to get it right from when it desynced. I can say that I felt guilty asking for something like that. Hard for me to imagine Seth arguing like this unless it was pretty ridiculous. AJ's flip flopping points to some rationalization that he knows it was at least questionable. Why else would be agree even for a second to give the goal back. That being said, this is pure gossip and I know nothing. So why am I even commenting? also there is a difference between things in the game and those not in the game. Goalie lock, stupid but part of the game. Penalty shots after poke check also in the game. Glitch goals (got scored on by two yesterday in two games) also in the game. lag is not. It doesn't deserve comparison to those other issues, except maybe the 0 second glitch goal.
  11. LW Gretzky C Carson RW Dineen LD Coffey RD Ellett #2 LW Dineen C Gretzky RW Volek D Olausson D Olausson
  12. I never press anything but the arrow pad with my goalie or an occasional A to dive at a player to mix it up.
  13. Seth is a cb check machine. Wally, aiming for the puck with b checks is essential although I find myself doing it less than I used to, that is where the timing thing comes in. B checks can go for the puck, the main time I use the puck as a target is when you do 'the dance' where I am defending, but I am facing my own goal (diagonally), to avoid a check a player will skate up my back, now if they have a heavy player and the angles are right, I am screwed because they can skate all the way in, but as long as they have to change direction from the diagonal line, I can turn towards them and b check the puck away. The desired outcome is to mess up the other player from doing what he wants to do. Ideally it creates a turnover, but it can also stop a goal or just create a loose puck, all which are better than the alternatives.
  14. I think I explained it pretty well. When the frames drop to zero, you hit the button. It worked like black magic for the first ten times I did it, but lately it hasn't worked as well. Nonetheless, it has still worked more than it hasn't. It is before the game drops you hit the button.
  15. Interesting point. Counterpoint is with moneyline win loss bets, it is easy to see the spread when it is listed, +300/-350
  16. I haven't had one de sync with new Kaerilla It does drop but when it goes to zero frames you can hit the CPR button and it brings it back to life most times. Raph I assume you meant 2Mb not 2MB
  17. I agree with the first sentence. I think a couple of the middle odds are more prohibitive underdogs than Raph does but I may be wrong about that. I am still regretting not taking LA.
  18. Speed. Shooting, and a variety of weights. mogilny Roenick yzerman Housley bourque Bure ciccarelli Gartner Coffey Sweeney Gretzky lemeiux teemu Iafarte Zalepski
  19. I think we may have been talking to Ice, but it may have been ogling the waitresses...
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