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  1. Can you give the postulates to your math? Namely game times or series? I think you should be able to get 5 games per hour per system. 12 hours is 60 games, 8 systems is 480 losses. So if it is 64 teams per system, I think it would be possible to do like a quintuple or sextuple elimination tournament.
  2. Plabax was basically preaching the same things I said. I didn't read through all of this. That being said the goal of the tournament should be maximum playing time thus fun and ensuring a true winner. Whatever that entails, but if the tournament doesn't take a full day, I will be sad, as will the entourage I am bringing. Tecmo Bowl is an older game, and I don't think anywhere near as remembered as NHL 94. It obviously has a better tournament scene for whatever reason, but search for best sports games? 94 is routinely named the best. We'll see how sign ups go.
  3. I have been pounding this drum for weeks. He has the wins, its not like he has to win more games just get rid of the DNPs. I'll lose first seed but so be it.
  4. Coach Team GP GF GA GF/G GA/G GDif SF/G SA/G SDif S%F S%A PDO zeppelin55 BUF 23 112 75 4.64 3.11 1.53 9.9 11.2 -1.3 49.3 29.1 1202 Depch MTL 23 108 88 4.47 3.64 0.83 11.5 12.7 -1.2 40.9 30.2 1107 canadiensfan66 LA 24 106 90 4.17 3.54 0.63 10.1 10.7 -0.5 43.6 35.2 1084 Vocally Caged TOR 28 130 113 4.38 3.8 0.58 11.5 10.7 0.8 40.4 37.8 1026 kingraph BOS 29 150 122 4.98 4.05 0.93 12.2 10.4 1.8 42.5 40.5 1020 angryjay93 PIT 28 137 96 4.75 3.33 1.42 12.5 9.1 3.4 39.1 37.8 1013 hokkeefan2 CGY 32 119 130 3.53 3.86 -0.33 10.7 11.1 -0.5 34.9 36.5 984 smozoma QUE 20 57 81 2.7 3.83 -1.13 9.6 11 -1.5 29.8 36.8 930 scribe99 NYR 25 66 127 2.55 4.91 -2.36 8.7 12 -3.3 30.4 42.5 879 swos DAL 11 33 54 2.92 4.78 -1.86 11 12.1 -1.1 27.3 40.6 867 Sicarius Fulgur VAN 18 40 61 2.15 3.28 -1.13 10.9 9.9 0.9 20.4 34.1 863 brutus DET 17 66 87 3.88 5.12 -1.24 12.9 11.7 1.2 30 43.7 863 My stranglehold on luck statistic continues to grow.
  5. as to the comment about tournaments and by their very nature not a series. The only professional tournaments are done in series format except Football and Soccer. Hockey Baseball Basketball Tennis I don't know how many stations there will be. True. I would say that my math is sound though. I also proposed doing a 10 min period which was also criticized for length. I was just trying to provide a rational framework for how long proposed formats would take. Also my math works with 11-12 minute games as I use 15 min, and for best of 5 series a full hour. The best of 5 series would be shorter in most every instance as they are unlikely to go to 5 regularly. I don't know tecmo bowl, but it seems like the length of their tournaments are good as in they take a full entire day to compete. This has a chance to be a defining day for the community, and an international crowd is expected. I think the one downside of a best of 5 is that it will allow some players only to have one opponent which is suboptimal. I therefore like round robin play to start. Can you say whose preferences?
  6. The biggest question is obviously how many entries and setups there will be. Using the same postulates, I just think for the number of contestants thrown out there (75), the format suggested is going to be over very quickly. It isn't hard to figure out how long these things will take. I implore those involved with setting up the tournament to try to make the thing last a full day. I think having to go take a lunch break come back, relax, getting up early, trying to get others too drunk to show up at the bar, etc. will be fun. I think most people are overestimating how long this stuff will take. I know you can get people to bring systems. I don't know how much it costs to rent a TV for the day but I can't imagine it is too much. I've been dismissed for proposing both 10 min period games and a best of 5 format. Why I'm not quite sure, I don't understand the logic behind the shorter format. The thing'll be done in a quick afternoon. As for the Tecmo Bowl solution listed above, the group play using a double elimination tournament will take 3.5 for a group hours of playing time using 15 min per game. I think the initial scheduling for that will be difficult, but doable. There is obviously a lot of dead time because a game takes about 10 min, but you need to be able to accomodate OT etc. I don't quite understand what happens after that. The bracket play single elimination part. I just don't quite understand the format well enough to figure out what happens in the bracket round. If it was a single elimation tournament for the bracket round, using 75 players you'd have between 9 and 10 groups. So you'd have so 20 people in the bracket round. If you had a single elimination tournament you'd need 19 losses so 285 min or another 4.75 hours. In the end the problem with this format is that there is so much dead time. A game takes ~10 min. If I play a best of 3 series we can get that done in between 20 and 30 min. If we have 8 people who are going to play 2, then 2 then 2 then 2 we need to provide a larger buffer to provide logistics of getting a new player to the seat etc. I'd say a best of 5 can be done certainly on average in less than an hour so you'll have plenty of time left over. Especially because a sweep might happen. A single elimination creates that inefficiency, as changing seats every time will really end up creating a big inefficiency. I thought of one change to my best of 5 example. At the end only one person can play at a time. It'll take about 7 rounds to crown a champion. The first 3 rounds all take longer than an hour, so in reality it would take closer to 12 hours in a worst case scenario than 9 because someone can't be in two places at the same time. This is using worst case scheduling for the opening rounds and discounting any sweeps. In reality, a priority system of "next up" would greatly shorten that because some series will be done in 3 games. Anyway, there could be multiple options if different amounts of people show up, but I for one think the thing should start early. Also I want the least amount of luck involved. Tirade Over. PS Can someone tell me how long a TECMO Superbowl game takes?
  7. Ok if you do the three losses thing. 74 people have to lose 3 times to be out; so it'll be somewhere around 12 1/3 total hours of play time. Make it 15 minute matches and If you have 8 consoles the thing'll be over in just a couple hours (2.3125). That is a great format for a casual night time tournament, but for something people are traveling too it seems a little short and way too open to luck. You could only have 2 consoles going but that is really boring.
  8. Disagree the diagonal ones are harder to set the goalie up.
  9. I don't know how many setups there will be. If there were 75 players and 8 setups you need at most 74 times 50 min. We'll say an hour. That is 74 hours. The entire tournament would take 9.25 hours. I don't know about everyone else, but if I'm traveling to Toronto I have no problem with the thing starting at like 7 AM and going to 5 PM.
  10. Turbo doesn't matter in NHL'94 unless you had a turbo C button that you could program. Which would still be stupid. I have a turbo controller and the only thing it does is prevent me from using manual goalie. Maybe there is a glitch I don't know about. Also, I think the tournament should be NHL94.com agnostic. My opinion. This is where the best players most likely will come from, but some talk about a mythical player that might exist in the real world. That person shouldn't be handicapped against. This is a live tournament not an online one.
  11. Doesn't your scoring summary seem to point towards 20 min periods? 4 goals in seven minutes?
  12. Gretzky is a bootleg Housley. 6 stick and passing ain't one of a kind except in forwards!
  13. I like having a very straightforward style. Fundamental NHL '94.
  14. Almost got outshot in B league. My save percentage has been unreal for me. Fuhr is good, and my manual has been at times off the charts good. I don't understand the PDO exactly. Is it expected to follow a certain number? For what it is worth, I take high percentage shots, and Hawerchuck tends to miss the goal or score. Missed shots don't count. Also skating into the goal, nor pass shots count as shots.
  15. yesterday I was up 5-1 on someone and lost. You've got to run it up if you can only because sometimes trying to play defense isn't a good way to play.
  16. I agree. The thing the Jets have is Housley and two shooters with Davydov. Zhamnov is a poor man's Laffy. Teemu is almost Mogilny, but he isn't. Davydov can really tie together a line for me. Him and Housley really seperate the Jets from the Sabres. Would I take Davydov over Hawerchuck? Probably--- that's what throws it towards the Jets. I am a big Hawerchuck fan, it's just he adds little to the lineup. I was between the Win, Van, and Buffalo. Before playing last season in the B with Winnipeg, I dreamed of drafting Buffalo. I've really struggled exi'ing with them so I wavered. Anyway- figured I'd kick myself for not trying a season with them. Having a better goal keeper is worth something too.
  17. I'll regret not selecting buffalo... They were my original team.
  18. Looks like I'm king of the mountain now.
  19. What format will they be using? Obviously a random team each game, best of 5 would be a decent format for a tournament. Also one person picks teams, other picks which one they want; always a good way to go. Line Changes? Please NO!
  20. Seeing I can't get into any other league I would like a spring classic.
  21. I don't know much about Ham works, but I would think the direct tunnel and opening the port yourself would be the same speed. If they are both direct connections between the two computers just wrapped so it gets through the NAT, etc. shouldn't the speed be the same? i'm not a network engineer, and have limited knowledge of IP. Just feels like you can't get more than a direct tunnel.
  22. Thanks for posting. Games 1,5,6 are very good. Game two is a clinic on how to play manual goalie and get smoked. Actually the entire series is Wally playing great goalie. Edit rewatched game 1 and while there was some good play most every game is very good.
  23. Can someone explain why the pass shot is cheap? I've been working on it. I got on the keyboard. I can't even figure out why I personally would almost ever want to use it. It is often more effective to have a slow shot to the far post that is accurate than a quick pass where you have to be in exactly the right spot/angle. Am I missing something? I just practiced shootout with it, and I can do it, but I don't get it. Thanks for any input.
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