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  1. At one time Electronic Arts had an offer for the Genesis that if you bought 2 of their games you got a third for free (at least I think it was free). There were a list of games to pick from that were free. We had bought NHL 92 and Starflight, so we picked Jordan vs. Bird as the free game. I remember they also had The Immortal and Marble Madness to pick from, but I forget which other ones there were.
  2. I knew there was a thread on making t-shirts... I've been making t-shirts on Zazzle as well (see them here http://www.zazzle.com/billy+squier+gifts) So far mine have mostly been video game related, and mostly using touched up images of box art from Sega Master System games. I did have a few products removed for copyright violations that had the island from Myst on them. I've been reluctant to include the name SEGA or the names of the games because I don't want them removed, but using just the box art has held up so far. One of the next things I'll do is take some sprites from within games, and hopefully those won't be removed too. Here is the email I received about the removed items: The details of the product being removed are listed below: • Product Title: Myst Island • Product Type: Shirt • Product ID: 235826812531517625 • Result: Not Approved • Policy Violations: o Design contains an image or text that is copyrighted. If you are interested in purchasing Official Licensed Merchandise from Zazzle please visit: www.zazzle.com/brands • Image: Image As you can see, it doesn't mention anything about who the image is protected by, or that it was pulled from a video game or anything. I once ordered an Alex Kidd shirt from Zazzle that doesn't look like it is on there anymore. I don't know if that means it was removed. Has anyone else had any experience with Zazzle's copyright policy, good or bad?
  3. MLBPA and Sports Talk are 2 separate games though, right? MLBPA was really cool, I liked the batter's eye view following the ball after contact was made before it went to the overhead view. And Sports Talk was one of those games that, for whatever it lacked in graphics it more than made up for in gameplay. I feel like Bad News Baseball and RBI 3, both for the NES, had the best gameplay of any baseball games though. Hmm, I wonder if anyone has hacked Bad News Baseball?
  4. Not that I'm new, but I have changed my AIM. I haven't played 94 online in forever, but I recently improved my connection and would like to now get back into it. My new AIM screen name is: DrMad94. Previously I had been using Terrordome7. So if you see me online hit me up for an exhibition game.
  5. I've never tried it on dosbox...my computer (xp) would freeze whenever I even tried to install it. But I have an older computer here that I play it on. I hadn't played it in awhile, but when I started playing it again I realized just how bad the game actually is. The AI is the worst of any in the series.
  6. gprice07


    I had problems even installing 96 with XP. But no worries, I may be only a few days from picking up an older computer with windows 98 on it, then I'll be able to play 93, 95, 96, 98, and 99 without having to bother with dosbox. And 96 on pc is totally different from 96 on one of the consoles. It's basically a 3D rink with 2D players. It's great, it's like the hybrid of 95 PC and all of the years 97 and beyond.
  7. You could probably just make the OT period really long. It wouldn't be multiple periods, but it could be long enough to guarantee that a goal would eventually be scored.
  8. I've seen that before too. It's pretty crazy. My brother scored a goal on me in 94 the other day that I had never seen before. I checked him from behind on a breakaway and play stopped for the penalty shot. During the play stoppage, he picked up the puck and shot it on goal. As always happens on a shot on goal during a stoppage the puck stops mid-air at the goal line and falls to the ice. Except right after that, it goes in and the light comes on, in OT no less. I guess right before it switches to the penalty shot, the 15 second clock first shows up. As soon as it did this the goal counted.
  9. Well, I just kind of went for a song that was close in length to what the video length would be. If only Wham's Everything She Wants would have fit...
  10. Compilation video I put together. I replaced Florida with a team I used to captain: the Fighting Clitori. These are the highlights from two seasons I played out.
  11. Has anyone here tried to hack other classic games? I've seen clips of hacks for Mario, Sonic, and Mario Kart on youtube. Some look pretty cool and were also done using Tile Molester. Just curious if anyone has given this a shot.
  12. Yeah I've not been on as much lately, but when I have it's been the same people online, the same I played a long time ago. With only a few teams left to play though I can get these games knocked out in no time.
  13. I still need to get in games with NYR, VAN, WIN, HAR, & LA. I'm going to try to be on this evening, but until then I'll be at my niece's birthday party. Hit me up (Terrordome7) if you ever see me on, and I'll be looking for you guys also.
  14. I forget how I ended up using the fill tool, but I know I started by changing the values in the palette. I got it to work now, so I just thought I'd pass along this information for anyone else using Tile Molester. When you import in a graphic with a given palette, it matches the colors the best it can to the active palette. If a color is repeated in a palette, as magenta is here, the first occurence of that color in the palette is the position in the palette that gets assigned to that color in the graphic. So if you change that position's color it will change accordingly in the graphic, whereas if you change the 2nd occurence of that color the graphic will not change. I fixed my problem by setting the colors of the home palette to cyan, blue, gray, black, black, magenta, magenta, .... I then imported the 2-color (blue and gray) home banner to this home palette, and then changed the 2 black positions back to magenta. Because black was not used in the graphic, they weren't assigned to a color in the graphic, and the first magenta position was used for the magenta color. The away palette was left at pink, magenta, magenta, blue, gray, magenta, magenta..., and now everything is kosher.
  15. NHL 94 is so great because it was the game with the biggest improvement over the previous year out of all of the games in the series. The only thing it lost was fighting. And fighting was like a double-edged sword, because while it was kinda cool, it also slowed the game down a whole lot, especially in 92. One-timers were the single biggest improvement. Now there were many more ways to score besides slap shots top corner and deking the goalie in close. There was also goalie control, and penalty shots (also shootout mode). And while there was no season mode vs. the cpu, there was still playoff mode, and this was the first year that records were kept. So now you could keep track of your win pct., most goals in a game, and most saves in a victory. Records were also saved for the best performances of each individual player in the game. So the game never got old. The gameplay was so great while playing your brother or friend, but you also had motivation while playing to improve your record or pad the stats of your players or the crowd level. There were also player cards, with actual pictures of the starting lines, so the game looked better too. I think if as many people had a genesis in 92 as they did in 94, then 92 would be remembered for how great it was too. I remember playing that, after I had been used to playing hockey games like Slap Shot for the Master System (Sega's version of Blades of Steel) and Ice Hockey on the NES. It was amazing, and you thought to yourself, it just can't get any better than this!
  16. I think it adds a different component to the game, opens it up, and makes having a 2 man advantage in a 4 on 4 game that much more deadly. The difficult thing is, there is no line combination in NOSE when you're killing off 2 penalties at once. I did take away each team's right-wingers to make it 4 on 4, then took away the left winger for the PK lines. If I take away a defenseman then the team on the PK would be down 2 when it should be 4 on 3. Unless, do you think it would work to take away a defenseman first, so when the team is shorthanded it only leaves the C, LW, and one D? And then by default, if another penalty is taken it would take away the LW for me, leaving the C and one D? That might work, I'll give it a shot when I get home!
  17. Anyone know how to do this? I'm getting near completion of a 4-on-4 rom, and I want it to be 4 on 2 when the shorthanded team has 2 players in the box, instead of 4 on 3 still. Also, right now when both penalties are killed it becomes 5 on 4 until the next whistle, when it goes back to 4 on 4. Does anyone know how to change it so it is 4 on 2, with one center and one defenseman still on the ice?
  18. I'm at an impasse editing the home/visitor banners at the menu screen for my rom hack. Looking at wboy's tile molester reference screen shots, this should be an easy edit. Maybe I'm just making it hard for myself and the solution is really easy, I just haven't figured it out yet. I use the 2nd and 3rd colors on the first palette and the 4th and 5th colors on the 2nd palette for each team's banner colors. However, whenever I make a change to the 4th or 5th colors on the 2nd palette it affects the graphic shown from the 1st. Here is an example of what I am coming across. This is the 2nd team in my rom, so it is the 3rd and 4th palettes. In the 3rd palette, the first 3 color positions are cyan, blue, and gray. In the 4th palette, the first 5 color positions are pink, magenta, magenta, blue and gray. However, here is how it ends up looking when I set it to those colors: Palette3 Palette4 The graphic shown from the 4th palette should be all magenta right? So when I use the flood fill tool to make it all magenta (from any of the magenta positions in the palette), it does make the graphic all magenta, but it also affects the previous palette's graphic: Palette 4 edited Palette 3 as a result of edit So how have the other hacks turned their banner all magenta from the team's 2nd palette while not affecting the banner from the 1st palette? I would appreciate any feedback from this question. I assume it's an easy fix, but nothing I try seems to work for me.
  19. This is basically what I've been doing, so it's good to know I'm on the right track. I've been using the sharpen filter, sharpening until I get a better looking graphic. I find that it helps to bring out the contrasts in the image and cause more clear breaks in the colors, which looks a lot better in TM, instead of a more smooth transition which gives a blurry graphic in TM. I've not experimented with changing the brightness, but I've considered doing that if a graphic I needed to use was too dark. What I was wondering, and I haven't been able to find information on a filter like this for photoshop online, was if there was a principal component analysis in photoshop. This is something that can be done to raster images in Erdas Imagine, where it basically brings out differences in multispectral images. For example, if you have a grayscale raster with color values that range from like 90 to 145 in a 0-255 system, then you can run PCA to stretch the values out to maybe like 40 to 210. I was just curious if there was something like that for PS. Thanks for the help. Sharpening seems to do the trick and maybe I'll try the Curves adjustment, it sounds like it might act like PCA.
  20. I picked my team not because it was the best or worst out there, but because it's the team that I have the most fun playing with. It's all about having fun for me. Sure, I compete. I try to win every game I start playing. I say try because, well, look at my record. Granted, I got the team I wanted. If I didn't get my top choice, the teams I ranked below it were probably ones that I thought would give me the best chance of winning the game.
  21. Is the method you use brief enough to respond to in a thread Clockwise? It seems like when I have imported graphics for player cards, sometimes they hold up pretty well, other times not. The pictures that have greater initial contrast, and contrast between the face or body and the background seem to look best in TM. I haven't tried to do any refining in Photoshop other than just cropping images down to 48x48. Do you know of any methods that could be used within Photoshop to sharpen in image and preserve its quality better in TM? My menu and ice logos have looked ok...I suppose they could be better. The problem I encounter most is with player cards.
  22. I think I'll first give VirtualDub a try. The files I have now are in WMV format, and I've read that there are VirtualDub knock-offs that edit other formats, i.e. WMV. Or if there is no watermark placed in the video by VirtualDub, then I may re-vid capture them from the emulator and do it all as AVI.
  23. Can't wait to get home and try it out. Play out another season as the Blues. These hockey leagues are going to kill me. I'm supposed to be working on a thesis. What was that number for NHL94anonymous again?
  24. Thanks Stevie Y! I just forgave you for that 70-foot shot past Casey!
  25. I'll give VirtualDub a try then. Actually, the videos are for NHL95 PC. I'm not sure if dosbox can capture video, but I used a video capture software to record my saved highlights to AVI, trimmed them down to WMV format, and am now looking to compilate them and add a song to the background.
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