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  1. @buff.....(cjgarnet) chi- 2...(eggink) buff- 1....ot
  2. im pretty much available from 12pm to 2am eastern...if im not around im not too far away ffrom home...just email me...it goes to my phone and i can tell when ill be home if i aint...thats how me and jacket did the other series cjgarnet
  3. my availability is quite large...if im not online.... email me from aim..not offline message...email....it will go to my phone and i can easily schedule the game..potentially right at that moment... later gators
  4. his internet went down thus what happened game 5 in mtl ...mtl 5 hfd 3 mtl wins in 5 ggs
  5. game 1 in mtl ...mtl 5 hfd 4 in ot game 2 in mtl ...mtl 5 hfd 3 game 3 in hfd ...mtl 4 hfd 6 game 4 in hfd ...mtl 4 hfd 3 in ot mtl leads series 3 to 1...he said brb and not responding...to be continued ;-)
  6. scoring 1 LW Jaromir Jagr 68 C steve larmer 28 rw jeremy roenick 27 LD glen wesly 26 rD dave manson 24 XT glenn anderson 9 Scoring 2 LW Glenn anderson 9 C shayne corson 11 rw sergei nemchinow 13 LD kevin lowe 4 rD adum burt 6 xt jeremy roenick 27 PP LW Jaromir Jagr 68 C steve larmer 28 rw jeremy roenick 27 LD glen wesly 26 rD dave manson 24 XT glenn anderson 9 PK LW Jaromir Jagr 68 C steve larmer 28 rw jeremy roenick 27 LD glen wesly 26 rD dave manson 24 XT glenn anderson 9 goalies main bill ranford 30 reserve dominik hasek 39
  7. i have an idea....after everyone picks 4 forwards 3 defenseman and 1 goalie...the rest of the players should be defaulted with highest priority rating. cause i dont think much people go much past the one sub for d and forward...plus ull be getting highest rated guy if u go to second sub
  8. sent through offline message aim thanks for season!
  9. anytime is good, id say do 4 games each..its a drag to play 72 games just to have ur standings dropped substantially by one player not playing or in fentys case missing the playoffs...atleast if this was gona happen again u didnt have to play as many games...i say less games and more seasons ;-) lol
  10. outlaws in 4 boknows in 5 toxic in 5 bobkudel in 6
  11. might not be a bad idea...even stheds could have a chance at making playoffs.
  12. ya jacket is no where to be seen...looks like fenty and i are in deep water...
  13. haha amazing...i should win an oscar or something...the convo is perfect...it obviously shows that we tried to play before the way it was, i had beat him, and then he said unplayable which it def was or else he wudnt have played at all (which is where i drew the last straw i may add) "Cjgarnet Cjgarnet 10:52 am lol.....we already tried this and it didnt work out i beat u" first and far most..thanks for turning urself in for that...and it also shows the way im talking that my connection isnt good for houly only...and it also shows that im funnier then most...thanks bud...peace also i just played toxic a few days ago and it wass more then playable...didnt lag...he can attest to it too
  14. dear rc69fag ;-)...phony twist and the90slacker are nowhere to be seen right..so that leaves me wit 9 game i cant play(that puts me to 69games )...then fouly ;-) wont play me cause he says my connection is no good but dan said it was(that puts me to 75)..im waitin to get a diff computer to play him in particular...that leaves me wit three games against bob which in essence is how many i need to finish season... peace out
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