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  1. Does anyone have the rom for '87? I haven't seen it pop up yet, any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Here's '84 and '85 for you guys, they were the only other ones I have. Hope this helps! NHL 84.bin NHL 85.bin
  3. Thank you so much!!! Awesome of you.
  4. Would like NHL 88 if anyone has it, please email me Sniciforo91@gmail.com
  5. He put up that site over a year ago, and must have only bought the domain name for a year and now it's up. I guess he didn't renew it. Someone should asj him about that.
  6. My Isles aren't even the rom!
  7. Wanted to play as LI Jawz, tried to mod a rom failed miserably, I know there a lot of people better at modding roms than meas I'm still fairly new to hacking roms. Would greatly appreciate a complete RHI '96 rom mod of NHL '94 (Gens) Thanx!!!!!!!!!!! http://rhistats.tripod.com/
  8. Awesome site!! Can't wait for this site to further develope!!!!!!!!!!!
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