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  1. Also, check if there's an Analog button on the controller, you may need to toggle that to make the diagonals work on the d-pad.
  2. Hey! I've been lurking around. I've got some controllers again and after getting a new hard drive cause mine died I'm thinking about getting back in to some games. I've gotta re-install discord on my PC, but maybe I'll get some games in soon.
  3. Hey everyone! Just got talking about NHL94.com with a co-worker and figured I'd stop in for the 1st time in awhile! I'm about to buy a house and maybe after that I'll get back into playing some NHL 94 with some people. Hope all the cool dudes are still doing well!
  4. I'll throw my hat back in the ring if there's an open spot. I've missed playing!
  5. Toss my name in on the list for next season too. I'm getting the itch to play again =p
  6. 1st Line LD - #4 Scott Stevens RD - #24 Mark Tinordi LW - #68 Jaromir Jagr C - #14 Dave Andreychuk RW - #11 Owen Nolan G - #35 Tom Barrasso EX - #7 Keith Tkachuk 2nd Line LD - #33 Ken Daneyko RD - #3 Bob Rouse LW - #22 Ulf Dahlen C - #7 Keith Tkachuk RW - #26 Jocelyn Lemieux G - #1 Jeff Reese EX - #68 Jaromir Jagr
  7. hey, heads up to whomever is making the final rom. Please make sure the Overtime timer is normal and not the "playoff version" of 99 mins
  8. Florida Roster Moves Drop Brent Sutter add Keith Tkachuk Drop Ray Ferraro add Jocelyn Lemieux Drop Alexi Gusarov add Ken Daneyko
  9. I vote no, I'm with DC and Raph. If you really are that desperate to make trades after the draft hold on to your moves till then and not blow through them during the draft.
  10. Florida Trades Brett Hull and Pick 4.22 to Montreal (Freydey) for picks 2.11 & 2.20
  11. The Florida Panthers will keep: 1. (F) Brett Hull 3. (G) Tom Barrasso 5. (F) Owen Nolan 7. (D) Bob Rouse 9. (F) Ulf Dahlen
  12. Hey, yes, I'm back. Sorry I didn't post sooner. Thanks Hokk and Raph for PMing me.
  13. I'm like KingRaph, I've been carrying around the same user name for like 10+ years now. Goes back to high school I'm pretty sure. I used to use Thedominator39 on AIM because I loved Dominik Hasek but got bored with that name. I'm not quite sure exactly how I came up with it, the X's are for my following of the Straight Edge lifestyle, I also like the Grim Reaper, dont know why, just always have kinda liked the cloak and scythe. So. yeah. pretty lame I guess. But the XdeathsbloodX name never seems to be taken anywhere so its easy for me to snag it on whatever website/game I feel like. I use it on Steam and PSN so people can add me on those services if you use them.
  14. sure hope noone took that +4000 bet on me lol
  15. BUMP Im home from work around 430 PM Eastern every day and available from then till about 10PM Eastern to play games. If I'm not on AIM send me a PM and I'll promptly reply (usually anyway) and if I'm not busy I can go hop on my PC
  16. Hey guys I know I'm not always on AIM but feel free to PM me on here and it pops an email to me and I can respond quickly
  17. A Bad News Baseball league was run on here I wanna say 4-5 years back
  18. Port Forwarding FTW. Go to portforward.com for instructions
  19. my bad on the me and Bo series! ive just been like totally not paying attention, didnt realize the deadline was coming up. We got 1st 2 in tonight, will try and finish series ASAP
  20. ok, yes, I put the wrong your/you're I was far to baffled by this game to notice!
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