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  1. Just did a little more searching around, and found an answer to my own question. Sorry to pose the question before looking more thoroughly. Seems like there is already a thread on this board regarding this: Here I notice a lot of that discussion is for NHL 95 PC, what I'm wondering, is there a thread specfically for NHL Hockey for the PC (some refer to it as "NHL 93 PC"). I've been poking around, but it's awfully confusing, as a lot of links are hacks/edits for SNES/Genesis roms (emulator) ports. Sorry, I would have deleted my previous post, but it seemingly won't let me? I think par
  2. I just wanted to thank people on here for all their help in getting these games to work, and the roster editors. I'm glad I'm not the only one to still be addicted to these old games - NHL Hockey PC and NHL 95 PC. I just got them both working last night, so now it's time to mess around with some of these editors and roster updates and see how that goes. Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys, I'm new here, but have been 'bitten by the retro-gaming bug' once again. Before I start, I just want to apologize if this is a forum for strictly SNES and Genesis. I'm referencing the PC version of the game - Specifically the old "NHL Hockey" (I think many refer to it as NHL 93 PC) and "NHL 95 PC" which came out on CD-Rom for the PC. (Not the SNES or Genesis ROM emulated on the PC.) I was happy to find copies of both on random "Abandonware" sites. I've got both games working in windows, but what I'm wondering is if anybody had any links for roster updates? I know I'm probably