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  1. Just put me in A for now. I'll demote myself when I start to suck.
  2. I signed up Rexer, but not sure he's in. I definitely am.
  3. I should be auto-assigned to any and all SNES leagues.
  4. Starters LD-Daneyko #3 RD-Blake #4 LW-K. Stevens #25 C-Oates #12 RW-Linden #16 G-Ranford #30 Extra attacker-Turgeon #77 Bench-Brylin #18 Holik #24 U. Samuelsson #5 Zhitnik #2 Wregget #31
  5. I can't wait to bid on shitty players again!
  6. Team-Czechoslovakia First Line G-Bill Ranford LD-Al Iafrate RD-Rob Blake LW-Pierre Turgeon C-Thomas Steen RW-Stephan Lebeau X-Paul Ysebaert Second Line G-Bob Essensa LD-Petr Svoboda RD-Vlad The Impaler LW-Valeri Zelepukin C-Paul Ysebaert RW-Guy Carbonneau X-Pierre Turgeon
  7. I guess.... Though I like that draft league better without bidding. Remember, if someone talks s**t to you in a bar, don't talk back. Just punch the motherfucker!
  8. New Jersey Devils Starting Line LD Eric Desjardins-28 RD Kevin Hatcher-4 LW Kevin Stevens-17 C Jaromir Jagr-68 RW Stephane Richer-44 Extra V. Kamensky-13 G Kirk McLean-1 LD M. Tatarinov-3 RD G. Diduck-5 LW Chris Kontos-16 C T. Steen-25 RW V. Kamensky-13 G R. Stauber-35
  9. I select Mikhail Tatarinov.
  10. On behalf of Hazmat I select Alexei Kovalev.
  11. The Kingdom of Hell selects Valeri Kamensky.
  12. I select Stephane Richer (forward).
  13. Czech Republic and NJ Devils select Eric Desjardins. Death to Bettman!!
  14. Hey, big balls for you all! I will select Kevin Hatcher.
  15. Since we're drafting players I'll take NJ.
  16. No more f**king teams! 30 is plenty! Someone kill Bettman and bring back 5 on 5 20 min. OT and ties!!!!!!!! DIE BETTMAN, YOU SWINE f**k c***sucker!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Hey, could you please change Ysebaert's # to 22 and change Carbonneau's to #21? Thanks!
  18. Czech First Line: LD Iafrate 34 RD Konstantinov 16 LW Ysebaert 22 C Turgeon 77 RW Lebeau 47 X Attacker: Zelepukin 26 Second Line: LD Svoboda 23 RD Kasatonov 7 LW Steen 25 C Carbonneau 21 RW Zelepukin 26 X Attacker: Ysebaert 22 Starting goalie: Essensa 35