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  1. Hey guys, long time member (i think LOL) but I haven't posted in forever. Just picked up a sega genesis mini and a wireless controller because of project lunar and me wanting to play NHL 94 on my TV rather than my laptop with my 11 year old son. I'm not sure if anyone else here has tried it, but NHL 94 and most of the other NHL's 96/97/98 all players shoot on their backhand. It's a bug with the project lunar I'd assume but would anyone know if its a fix that can be done by editing the rom file? Or I'm just SOL until its patched? Or if anyone else has any other recommendations for me to buy instead of using the sega mini. I love playing pixels NHL 91 mod, just fantastic for me and childhood memories. Any insight would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. what are you waiting for? go get it.. LOL.. http://pixelpuck.com/?p=2157
  3. sadly nhl94 fell a bit short.. im really shocked!! thought this would advance easily..
  4. no, i meant will there be another season with this 1991 rom edition of nhl 94.. could we get something going?
  5. will there be another season with this rom? this is one of my favorites and i would like to join if so..
  6. thats my issue. some guys are no where to be found and another waiting on a controller..
  7. most impressed with the buds that keep coming back for more despite their record.. those guys are solid buds!!
  8. out of the guys left i have to play, one responded via email that he waiting on a new controller, other than that they havent been on aim.. boo!! i was hoping to give the fastest to 40 heck, but now it doesnt look good.
  9. thxs.. i have played everyone i have seen online via aim. the Wings owner was having issues hosting the other night so we only played one game. thats the only guy i have a game left with thats been on aim so far.
  10. add 3 more to that.. lol.. 27 at 11:50pm est.. where are these other guys at on my schedule? lol..
  11. i didnt bring it here, and never would. thats on him.. he seems like a good dude, but from all my online league gaming i never seen someone try and run the score up "for league records" etc.. to me thats a total lack of sportsmanship.. im all fine with losing, im here to have fun, but when a game is wrapped up, and you keep pushing the issue is lame.. to stop any future bs, smozoma, can you just delete this thread. i made it to just keep track of my games and say gg to the guys, but it makes noise and gets annoying to the feed. so just delete it!! thanks
  12. again, you showing no class and or sportsmanship. just proved my point to everyone publicly!! thanks for that.. good luck to you the rest of the season.
  13. got ya, didnt realize it added noise so to speak.. well, then, do you want me to stop? side note, great home and home with the Jets!! gl rest of season man!!
  14. if you dont like it, dont read it or post in here. just makes it easy for me to delete the games i play and see what i have left.. as well as say gg etc to the guys i played, sorry for showing sportsmanship.. ------ anyway, great games mini, solid 4 game set!! gl rest of the season man..
  15. another great 2 game set, this time vs MrSandman.. good times man!! gl rest of the season!!
  16. great 2 game set vs the Hawks and orangeblack.. he worked me over!! gl rest of season!! tried to play the Wings and Nucks, but couldn't connect.. i played 8 games and for some reason couldn't get connected to those two.. edit - i hosted 1 game vs the Wings, great game man.. for some reason he cant host me!!
  17. great games vs ircstone... all 3 very fun games!! gl rest of season man!!
  18. great 3 game set vs nvschultz.. all close games, good times!! gl rest of the season bud!!
  19. Hey guys, please hit me up on aim to get these games in. Im gonna just creating this thread for myself to delete games off as i play them!! Good luck this season.. --- Dallas Stars @Detroit Pittsburgh @Pittsburgh NY Rangers @NY Rangers Toronto @Toronto Hartford Hartford @Hartford Buffalo Buffalo @Buffalo @Buffalo Montreal Montreal @Montreal @Montreal
  20. good stuff guys, cant wait to get started in the C League..
  21. i have added every one that has been confirmed already for the C-League to my aim list.. if up for a game, hit me up. thanks
  22. just played LA Robbie, and got hammered lol. he couldnt see my number for some reason, and my icon was blue for him on his end in Hamachi.. can another admin play me and see whats up? the game we played was smooth and connected fine (once i had right file)..
  23. ill add everyone thats in the league to it, thats what i always have done in the past when using aim as a scheduling method in other leagues. i just added ya.. best time for you?
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