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  1. Hopefully you guys can record the series and throw it up on youtube. It's been a great B league this year.
  2. OK - I can be on Wed / Thurs and I can figure something out for Saturday if need be.
  3. I will be available at some point nightly from around 10:00pm - 12:30 ET Mon - Thurs to get my games in. Please let me know your availability and I will adjust the best I can to get em in (having kids messes everything up). Looking for McMarkis, Mbobbyhall, Bigfoot, and Skip. Can make time over the weekend if needed.
  4. Hey JV, I've been busy at work and was into the world series, but things should be clearing up. I can make it online in the 10pm-midnight range (ET) on weekdays. I should be on either tonight and/or tomorrow if that works?
  5. lol - well your last game was a lot better vs. me, less rushing which helped your D. If it makes you feel better, I played AngryJay once in my life at the Connecticut tourney, and he beat me 10-1! I was probably diving a lot. Always try to get there with your D or quick forward, but if you know you can't, I would warp in sooner as there's always a bit of a delay. Breakways vs CPU goalies are too easy.
  6. AngryJay is on point just by looking at the stats. Be careful with over rushing with defensemen, I had a number of breakaways vs you Aqua as the D were MIA quite often. I also never hit the C button with the goalie. One trick with the G that can work on a breakaway is to warp into the goalie, move him aggressively towards the player on the breakaway. By shortening the ice you can mess up his move or trip him. You can also warp in - move up - then warp out! This can really mess with the opponent's timing. I like to dive occasionally as well, but I wouldn't recommend it!
  7. Full disclosure, I usually throttle it back some if I have a really big lead late in the 3rd, only because I've been on the wrong side of those 14-0 games a lot of times and it can be discouraging. I'm not going to dive out of the way with my goalie or anything, but I might not look for that breakaway if it's 10-0.
  8. Thanks - you need to have variety so your opponent doesn't know your every move. Certain things come with time, like not always setting up one-timers to your center because the vets are always playing those passing lanes. Learning to switch to manual goalie IMO is the most important basic skill to learn, you can't allow people to abuse your CPU goalie. Your last game vs me was definitely your best. Sometimes it takes getting used to somebody's style too.
  9. Finally, the media is paying attention to the B League. This has to be the first time I've ever been favored to win a league, what pressure!
  10. I have decided to bow out of the race in order to focus on my pass shot. Thank you to all my faithful constituents.
  11. Yes! I'm horny for 94 after going to Connecticut tourney.
  12. Hey guys - sorry life totally getting in the way. OK to replace me. Hope to be back in the future when things settle down some.
  13. Been slammed at work but should find some time this weekend. Most likely times are Friday and Sunday nights.
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