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  1. If NHL Was Released in March of 1993, How did they know to put LA Kings Vs The Montreal Canadiens, When that series wasn't determined til June 1993? Was that just a coincidence?? I am MELANCHOLY when I See Hear, Play, Or Think Of NHL 94' WHAT AN IMPACT THAT GAME HAS HAD ON ME... I LOVE IT!! Schedule of 1993-94: Work 7-3, Watch Jim Rome Talk2 From 4-5, Play Ball From 5-7, Lift fr...

  2. ok how would i download this, what would i need? What system?
  3. Hey I'm new here for sure.. Just wanna start by saying, I NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN IN A GAME AS I DID WITH NHL 94', (especially 2 on 2) And Now I truly know (by way of Finding this site) I AM NOT ALONE!! Having said that, I think '95 had better gameplay, But still '94 is #1 IN NOSTALGIA FOR ME AND IS #1 IN MY HEART ETERNALLY!!! Ok My main question is what game would it be easiest and most fun or even feasible (ANY YEAR, (For either Gen Or PS2) But Hopefully 94 0r 95) If I could somehow obtain and install Stanley Cup Team Rosters on one these games, So I could possibly have an in house tourney